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PERFORM Colloquium: Mesoscale imaging and quantitative modeling of the subcortex over the lifespan


For those of you who were unable to join the webinar live, the stream is now available for everyone to watch here or on YouTube.


The human subcortex is one region of the brain often disregarded in cognitive neuroscience, more for technical than fundamental reasons. Indeed, the subcortex plays an essential role in decision making, learning, reward, inhibition and other aspects of cognition. Disruptions of subcortical systems appear early on in neurodegenerative diseases.

In this talk, I will outline current challenges to studying the human subcortex, and how ultra-high field MRI and advanced computational modeling techniques are helping us shed light on this highly heterogeneous part of the brain.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Pierre-Louis (Pilou) Bazin is a Senior Researcher in the Integrative Model-based Cognitive Neuroscience (IMCN) laboratory of the Psychology department at the University of Amsterdam, and the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany. His interests lie at the intersection between Cognitive Neuroscience, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Medical Image Computing with a particular focus on computational neuroanatomy using advanced MRI techniques, and the implications of brain structure for cognitive function and human behavior.

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