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Located at the university's Loyola Campus in Montreal, Quebec, the Centre is under the auspices of the Department of Creative Arts Therapies in the Faculty of Fine Arts. Unique in Canada, the Centre uses four types of creative arts therapies – art, drama, music and dance/movement – to promote autonomy, improve self-confidence and social skills, and enhance overall quality of life for its participants.


Our advisory board consists of members of the community at large, who volunteer their time and ideas toward the development of the Centre for the Arts in Human Development. This essential body contributes ideas for such things as direction and fundraising, using their networking abilities to further expand the impact of the Centre.

Advisory Board  2017-2018
  • Astri Prugger: community member
  • Ruth Gesser: community member
  • Sarah Pinchevsky: community member
  • Monica Lewis: professional from the community
  • Simone Pink: family member representative
  • Lydia Mamane: family member representative
  • Sam Lackman: community member
  • Maddalena Iasenza: retired professional manager from partner organization WMRC
  • Jessica Levine: professional from the community
  • Carly Kalichman: professional from community
  • Lenore Vosberg: Centre staff representative


The Centre for the Arts in Human Development has an ongoing partnership with the West Montreal Readaptation Centre for the provision of therapeutic services. This partnership has been in place since the Centre began in 1996.

There is also an agreement in place with Miriam Home and Services to provide services to selected clients.

A partnership with the Department of Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University is inherent in the structure of the Centre. The Centre provides practical training in the creative arts therapies for, on average, 10 students annually.

The Department of Education at Concordia University also works with the Centre for the Arts in Human Development. The Centre offers learning and research opportunities for students in the Department of Education through the Centre's Director of Research, Dr. Miranda D'Amico.

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