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The Centre for the Arts in Human Develoment relies on donations to continue running both our regular and special programs.

Funding needs

Operating costs

The Centre for the Arts in Human Development’s priority need is for ongoing support for operating costs in order to fund staffing and administrative expenses. This funding would be directed toward the cost of running the creative arts therapies program and providing the clinical supervision of graduate students receiving training at the Centre each year.

Public outreach and education program

The Centre is searching for an individual or foundation to sponsor the Public Outreach and Education Program, i.e. to provide multi-year support for the bi-annual musical shows, the Open Houses and special projects which aim to educate the public about the creative abilities of persons with special needs. One such new project is the Community Music Therapy Project in which a small number of Centre participants perform musically for community-based organizations. With enough funding this dynamic program could be expanded to operate on an ongoing basis. Educational School Project: In 2009 the Centre presented a documentary video to a select number of schools in the Montreal area. This video, titled "In Their Own Voices," shows past participants in the development of an ethnodrama play in which they tell their own life stories through drama, art, music and dance. Funding of this outreach program to schools in the Montreal area would support the development of a "guest speaker fund"; these speakers would be participants from the documentary who would be present for the discussion period following the viewing. This would continue the coupling of dynamic personal perspectives to the video that was highly effective in the pilot project.

Special projects

Funding the Speech Initiative would enable the Centre to continue this program, which enhances many of the participants' expressive and communicative abilities. Funding would enable the project to have more follow-up and liaison with mediators on a longer-term basis.

Outreach to Families and Caregivers of Centre participants: With adequate funding to hire a group animator, the Centre could develop supportive group work for families to share concerns and issues regarding having an adult son or daughter with developmental disabilities.

Fels Arts and Friendship Program

As there is a growing need and desire from past participants to continue their involvement with the Centre for social skills development, the funding needs to support the Fels Arts and Friendship Program are also increasing. With the unfortunate passing of the initiator of the program, Mrs. Sybil Fels, the Centre is looking to supplement the funding coming from her estate to provide continued group work on Sundays.

Infrastructure development

The Centre is searching for a major donor(s) to fund the creation of permanent facilities tailored to house the Centre’s operations. This space would need to be wheelchair accessible to allow us to provide services to individuals with physical disabilities. Ideally, we would like to have facilities to accommodate the different creative arts therapies studios, offices, and performance facilities under one roof. One prospective site in which to house these facilities is within the Grey Nun’s Motherhouse complex.

Possibilities exist to name the Centre on behalf of a major contributor to the Centre’s long-term existence.

To discuss long term funding or major contributions, contact:

Lenore Vosberg

Executive Director
Centre for the Arts in Human Development

514-848-2424 ext. 8619

Peggy Killeen

Principal Director of Development
Faculty of Fine Arts

514-848-2424 ext 8953

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