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Special programs

The Centre for the Arts in Human Development is currently undertaking two special projects: The Speech Initiative and the Fels Arts and Friendship Program.

The Speech Initiative

As many people referred to the Centre for the Arts in Human Development have difficulty with verbal communication skills, in 2003, this project was developed to facilitate and encourage verbal expression by Centre participants by using the ‘mediator model’, which liaises with key people in the participant’s home and work environments. The progress the Centre has seen as a result of this work is the impetus for research to support the further development of this initiative.

Fels Arts & Friendship program

In an effort to continue the connection to the Centre for the Arts in Human Development, and to maintain and enhance the friendship-building skills of participants, the Centre offers this program to individuals who have completed the three-year program. This ongoing program, started with a generous donation by the Fels family in 2004, uses the arts and other activities to address the socialization needs of our participant alumni.

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