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The Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) is a student research and training opportunity which is open to senior undergraduate and graduate students "who have specialized in some aspect of northern scientific studies and who have northern research experience." In order for a student to be eligible they are required to have a supervisor who is a funded Concordia researcher and field research must be tied to the applicants’ thesis. Please note that Field assistants will no longer be eligible for NSTP funding. 

Geographical Focus

Geographical focus: The NSTP supports projects that lie “north of the southern limit of the discontinuous permafrost zone; and the other seven circumpolar countries (Finland, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the United States (Alaska))”.

To create an application, please visit the NSTP web site.

NOTE: Students and supervisors will be required to create new accounts to access the forms.

Please submit completed student applications to the Office of Research by no later than November 15, 2018.


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