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Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Awards Program

The 2017 CUSRA summer program is currently closed. Please check back in December for information about the 2018 summer program.

The Offices of the Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies (OVPRGS) and Provost and Vice-President, Academic Affairs, are pleased to announce the continuation of the Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Awards (CUSRA) program for a fifth year. The CUSRA program provides funding to students in the fine arts, social sciences, humanities, engineering and computer science, business disciplines, and natural and health sciences. The goal of the awards is to stimulate interest in research, participatory research, or research-creation work that will complement undergraduate coursework and enhance preparation for graduate studies or research-related careers.  

General Information:

VPRGS Undergraduate Student Research Awards - Call for Proposals (Summer 2017)

Part 1 - Student Information (to be completed by student):

Concordia Undergraduate Research Awards  - Student Application

Important: Students must attach a current transcript and CV to the completed/printed form and submit the package to their sponsor. The sponsor will then complete Part 2 below and submit the application package to the department chair. The deadline for submission of the complete package is February 10, 2017.

Part 2 - Sponsor Information and Research Proposal (to be completed by sponsor):

Concordia Undergraduate Research Award - Sponsor Application

Part 3 - Final Student Report

Concordia Undergraduate Research Award - Final Student Report


Concordia Undergraduate Research Award - FAQ

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