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Featured community initiatives at Concordia

In all spheres – artistic, political, commercial and scientific – Concordians partner with community members to address social issues and shape our changing world.

Embrace the City
In addition to the impact of our ongoing commitment to providing accessible advanced education, Concordia faculty, staff and students affect the city and the world by mobilizing around important contemporary issues, bringing their understanding, expertise and commitment with them.
The Operation Research Challenge
TORCH is the annual operations research challenge organized by a multi-disciplinary team of Montreal students.
Seeds of Hope
Under the direction of Yehudit Silverman in collaboration with the Education and Community Programs Department of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, this exhibition presents the work of many individuals who have been directly affected by suicide.
The SOMEONE (SOcial Media EducatiON Every day) initiative is created to sensitize youth, educators, and the broader public – both within and outside of Canada – to patterns of online hate with the goal of building resilience against hate speech and radicalization.
Living Knowledge
Living Knowledge brings together faculty and staff who share a passion for community engaged scholarship, with the goal of strengthening our collective practice.
Concordia’s Centraide Campaign
Concordia joins city-wide efforts to raise funds for Centraide.

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