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EHS Team

SGW Campus LOYOLA Campus
1455, de Maisonneuve Blvd., West 7141 Sherbrooke Street West
GM 1000 PS-201
Montreal (Quebec) Montreal (Quebec)
H3G 1M8 H4B 1R6

Pietro Gasparrini, Director, ext. 5915 (UNITY Project until July 2020)

Rosa Gullo, Assistant to the Director, ext. 5904

Industrial Hygiene

Lina Filacchione, Industrial Hygiene Manager,  ext. 5453

Monique St. Laurent, Safety Advisor, ext. 4358

Adam Perelson, Industrial Hygiene Advisory, ext. 4896 (on leave)

Abel Costa, Safety Advisor, ext. 5202

Hazardous Materials - Loyola

Frederic Guilhem Ducleon, Health & Safety Manager, ext. 7334 (Acting Director unitl July 2020)

Yoann Chabre, Chemical Safety Officer, ext. 4408

Gurnam Manku, Radiation Safety Officer, ext. 4356

Lorena Boju, Safety Technician, ext. 5008

Catherine Levesque, Chemical Inventory Technician, ext. 4353

Christina St Louis-Tulli, Chemical Safety Technician, (SGW) ext. 8751


Cassandra Lamontagne, Sustainability Coordinator, ext. 4878


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