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Find our hourly rates to use our microscopes, receive technical support, perform image analysis or pay annual rates for access.

  • Facility use is based on an online sign-up system, which is the basis for calculating charges.
  • All users must provide an internal fund number that will be charged trimonthly.
  • It is the responsibility of the faculty member to ensure the fund covers all charges.


Microscopes Hourly rate
Leica widefields
Nikon TiE widefield
Nikon TiE widefiled color camera DsRi2 $10/hr
Nikon TiE widefield TIRF
Nikon Livescan Sweptfield confocal     $40/hr
Nikon C2 laser scanning confocal
Olympus FV10i laser scanning confocal $15/hr
Arcturus Laser Capture Microdissection microscope $25/hr*

*For LCM, there are fees associated with the purchase of consumables such as dissection caps, unless these are provided by the end-user.

Fees are for faculty members of Concordia University.
Investigators from other academic institutions will be charged 2x fees.
Non-academic users 4x these fees.

Technical support

Technical support* Hourly rate
Advanced experimental or technical support
Image Analysis/Macro Development $60/hr (after assessment)

*No charges will be made for questions from users who have received training regarding use and safety of the equipment. But fees will be administered for training, for additional time that may be required for experimental advice, or for extensive use of staff time (beyond training).

Initial training sessions are usually 2 hours, but they can extend to 4+ hours depending on the equipment and/or experiment. Hourly microscope and training fees will be charged.

All training and technical support is by appointment only and depends on availability. Contact us to book a training session.

Image analysis

Image analysis Hourly rate

Advanced image analysis workstation (AutoQuant, Imaris, ImageJ installed)

Basic instruction for AutoQuant and Imaris software

If you are a Concordia researcher or student with a particularly challenging Image analysis question, the specialist will be happy to consult with you to figure out an answer. Please consider including them as a co-author on your paper.

If you are not a Concordia member, the specialist will be happy to consult with you regarding your question for a fee of $60/hr. If you would like a custom image analysis script, contact us.


Reagents Hourly rate
Carbon dioxide gas for live cell experiments $1/hr

Annual fees

Subscription Annual fee
Unlimited use of microscopes by all members of his/her laboratory for one year* $3,000

If a member of the Centre expects to use the microscopes frequently, we offer unlimited use of the microscopes (depending on availability) by all members of his/her laboratory for one year at a cost of $3,000.

  • This one-time annual fee does not include fees for training, advanced technical support, or reagents.
  • Users who do not show up for appointments will be billed regardless of any subscription plan.
  • See Booking/Cancellation policy.
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