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Equipment and services

The Centre now houses four wide-field, a near-field (TIRF), three confocal (swept-field and laser-scanning) microscopes and a laser capture microdissection system; environmental control is available with each of these systems. Through consultation, our staff answer relevant methodological questions and provide expertise needed to successfully image at the cellular and sub-cellular level in both live and fixed organisms. Additionally, we have a dedicated computer for image analysis with IMARIS, Autoquant and Graphpad Prism software available for our users. We also have a repository of "digital microscopes" hosted at, which allows users to find which fluorophores are suitable for use with our various systems. Finally, we have a github repository, that contains FIJI scripts and python codes currently in use by our researchers, and more general-use FIJI scripts that can be applied to more general image analysis tasks, such as splitting multipoint files and counting DAB-stained cells in brain sections.

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