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Launched in 2009, the Quebec English-Speaking Communities Research Network (QUESCREN) is a collaborative network of researchers, stakeholders, and educational and other institutions that improves understanding of Quebec’s English-speaking communities and promotes their vitality.


QUESCREN provides opportunities to promote the understanding and vitality of Quebec’s English-language minority communities through research, training, knowledge mobilization, networking and outreach.


QUESCREN is housed at the School of Community and Public Affairs (SCPA) at Concordia University in Montreal. Our Advisory Board and Inter-Level Table bring together educational, community, and government stakeholders. Our researcher-members provide expertise on questions relating to English-speaking Quebec.

We collaborate with the Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities (CIRLM; Moncton), which supports our research activities and is represented on our Advisory Board.



  • Mobilizing knowledge: events, bibliography, newsletter, event videos, social media​
  • Researching and publishing
  • Networking the English-language education sector through our Inter-Level Educational Table
  • Developing and supporting our researcher-member group  
  • Managing multi-partner community-based research and development projects
  • Training students


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