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Approved calculators

Students studying at the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science must use an approved calculator during exams. Students not taking a course in Gina Cody School of ENCS must to go to their home departments to request a sticker.

You will not be permitted to complete an exam with a calculator not on the approved list.

In order to prove that your calculator is an accepted model, you will need to bring your calculator to the Gina Cody School of ENCS Service Centre at H-964 to receive a sticker showing that the calculator is approved for use during an exam.

  • If your calculator is on the approved list, a sticker will be affixed to the calculator (usually on the front).
  • If your calculator is not on the approved list, you will have to acquire a different calculator.
  • The Casio FX-300MS and Sharp EL-531XG calculators are available for purchase at the bookstore. On the purchase of either of these calculators, the cashier will affix a sticker to it.
  • You may purchase an approved calculator off campus but you must return to H-964 with the calculator for verification and a sticker.

Gina Cody School of ENCS approved calculators list

Casio FX-82AU Casio FX-270W Plus Sharp EL-509A
Casio FX-82ES Casio FX-280 Sharp EL-509D
Casio FX-82ES Plus Casio FX-300ES Sharp EL-509G
Casio FX-82L Casio FX-300ES Plus Sharp EL-509H
Casio FX-82LB Casio FX-300MS Sharp EL-509LH
Casio FX-82MS Casio FX-300MS (2nd edition) Sharp EL-509RH
Casio FX-82 Super Casio FX-300W Sharp EL-509VH
Casio FX-82SX Casio FX-350ES Sharp EL-510R
Casio FX-82TL Casio FX-350ES Plus Sharp EL-510RN
Casio FX-82W Casio FX-350HA Sharp EL-513W
Casio FX-83ES Casio FX-350MS Sharp EL-515
Casio FX-83MS Casio FX-350TL Sharp EL-520L
Casio FX-85ES Casio FX-350TLG Sharp EL-531A
Casio FX-85MS Casio FX-500A Sharp EL-531G
Casio FX-85W Casio FX-500ES Sharp EL-531H
Casio FX-911W   Sharp EL-531L
Casio FX-92   College   Sharp EL-531LH
Casio FX-92   College III   Sharp EL-531P
Casio FX-92   College New +   Sharp EL-531R
Casio FX-95   Sharp EL-531RH
Casio FX-95MS   Sharp EL 531TG
Casio FX-100S   Sharp EL-531V
Casio FX-220   Sharp EL-531VH
Casio FX-250HA   Sharp EL-531W
Casio FX-250HC   Sharp EL-531WH
Casio FX-260   Solar Fraction   Sharp EL-531X
Casio FX-260   Solar II   Sharp EL-531XG
Casio FX-270W    Sharp EL-531XT
    Sharp EL-W531 WriteView
    Sharp EL-W535 WriteView
    Sharp EL-W535TG WriteView
    Sharp EL-W535X WriteView
    Sharp EL-W535XG WriteView
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