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Getting support


The instructor's audio visual presentation system is not working

At the EV?    ---> Call 5713 or walk to EV 7.182
At the Hall?   ---> Call 4181 or walk to H 964


IITS provides support to Classrooms

To reach IITS --> Call 7613 or walk to H 925

Not a computer lab emergency?

Three support options

  1. Call 7613 - a service agent will gather the right information

  2. Fill in the web form at 
    It guides the user to provide the right information

  3. Email but provide as much of the right information as possible 

Provide complete information whatever the contact option.  

  • ENCS account username 
  • MyConcordia username (netname)
  • Phone number where you can be contacted
  • ENCS Barcode of your system
  • Computer type (Mac, Windows PC, linux)
  • Which Service you are experiencing difficuly with, e.g., Wireless network, LAN, Concordia Email, ENCS email access.
  • Error description – Provide context and error description – What were you doing and what happened?


  1. I attempted to use Google Chrome to log into MyConcordia but the MyConcordia log-in page did not load.

  2. I logged into my Windows 10 desktop system (ENCS12345) and do not see my ENCS mapped network drives, e.g., my U or G drive.

It is the quickest and most efficient path to the best resolution

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