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Sustainability Champions Awards

Recognizing ambassadors of change at Concordia

The Sustainability Champions Awards were created to demonstrate Concordia’s collective gratitude for ambassadors of change.
Every year, a call-out for nominations is made and Concordia community members send in nominations of students, staff or faculty members who have made significant contributions towards sustainability at the University.
The sustainability issues range from waste projects to equality education campaigns to teaching alternative business solutions to any other issue that makes our world a better place.
Vandana Shiva (centre), special guest at the 2015 Sustainability Champions Award Gala Vandana Shiva was the special guest speaker of the Sustainability Champions Award Gala in 2015.

2017 Sustainability Champions

The six recipients of the Sustainability Champions Awards were selected on the basis of their community leadership to advance sustainability, their capacity to inspire participation, their creativity and the impact of their achievements.

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