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Safety Awards

The safety awards were created to recognize and encourage safe practices at Concordia. The safety awards highlight initiatives that improve, inspire and maintain best practices in health and safety. The recipients are members of the Concordia community who have made significant changes, overcome barriers and had an impact on safety on campus. 

The awards were handed out at the Concordia Engagement Awards Night  that took  place on April 12, 2018. The recipoemts are recognized and honoured for their outstanding work that goes beyond their mandates.

The award ceremony aspires to create awareness of the difference-making work happening in safety across campus. It also aims to inspire others to follow in the recipients footsteps to create long-lasting, positive change on campus.

Below you will find the list of winners who have received the 2018 Safety Award.


Alison Rowley

Alison’s passion for safety is not a new development. In high school, she was the first woman to complete a part time EMT program, while completing full time studies, participating in varsity sports, and achieving a black belt in Taekwondo.

Here at Concordia, Alison has continued to challenge herself, organizing a Med Club in her residence at the Grey  Nuns building, and working closely with campus security to train 18 residents in emergency procedures and response, First Aid and CPR, and fire prevention and extinguisher techniques.

Moving forward, Alison lwill continuing her work with the Concordia Emergency Response Team (CERT), writing the MCAT. 


Andy Shin-Pong

Andy Shin-Pong has worked at Concordia University for over 2 years now and brings with him strong knowledge in manufacturing and machining, as well as, expertise in many construction r elated fields.

One of his many professional goals is to guarantee student success, while ensuring that their studies and research are carried out through safe and effective methods. One of his biggest accomplishments was leading the Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering laboratory air quality improvement project in 2017 where he collaborated closely with Concordia’s Environmental Health and Safety team and multiple members of Facilities Management.

He supported the daily needs of this large scale project and ensured that targets were met even if it meant working under tight constraints and physically challenging conditions. Always ready to take on the next challenge with fresh and new ideas and putting safety practices at the top of his priority list, Andy has proven himself to be a great resource and an added value to the BCEE family.


Jules Beauchamp-Desbiens

A recent graduate from Concordia University in Design, Jules Beauchamp-Desbiens is currently working both as a Digital-Fabrication La b Technician and as a freelance industrial designer.

Jules' attention to detail and care for health and safety was exemplary during the construction of the Solar Decathlon house at Loyola Campus in 2017. During the construction of the Solar-Decathlon house, Jules actively promoted safety on the site, by both leading by example and being an advocate to his colleagues. His was equally committed on ensuring the safety of the site for the many visitors. During the 6-month construction period, there were no injuries.



Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO) Working Group

Crée en avril 2017, ce groupe se compose de 20 employés de différents métiers et niveaux hiérarchiques du service de gestion opérationnelle de l’université Concordia. Sa mission principale est de permettre l’intégration de la nouvelle réglementation en matière de maîtrise des énergies dangereuses et ainsi d’améliorer la sécurité des travailleurs ayant à intervenir dans les zones dangereuses des équipements. Pour ce faire, ils produisent les procédures de cadenassage pour l’ensemble des équipements (électriques, plomberies et mécaniques) et participent au choix et à la répartition des équipements de sécurité. La grande implication des membres de cette équipe ont permis d’avancer plus rapidement que dans d’autres organisation.

Leur compréhension et leur conviction de l’importance de cette réglementation en matière de sécurité alliées à leurs connaissances techniques ont également favorisé l’utilisation pratique des mesures de sécurité par leurs collègues de travail.

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