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Katharina Nieswandt, PhD

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Photo by S. Mischliwietz
Office: S-S 210 
S Annex,
2145 Mackay
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2508
Availability: Winter Term 2018:
Mon. 16:45-17:45,
Wed. 17:45-18:45,
and by appointment.


Postdoc:  Stanford University, Center for Ethics in Society, 2016
PhD (Philosophy):  University of Pittsburgh, 2015
Magister Artium (Philosophy):  University of Trier, 2009
Diplom (Psychology):  University of Trier, 2008



To access the official journal publication, click on the links below.  Final drafts can be downloaded from PhilPapers or Academia (see links above).

For my current projects, please see CV.

Katharina Nieswandt (2018). What Is Conventionalism about Moral Rights and Duties? Australasian Journal of Philosophy. Online First.

Katharina Nieswandt (2018). Authority and Interest in the Theory of Right. In: David Plunkett, Scott Shapiro & Kevin Toh (eds.): Dimensions of Normativity: New Essays on Metaethics and Jurisprudence. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Katharina Nieswandt (2017). Grammatik und Funktion: Peter Geach. In: Martin Hähnel (ed.): Der aristotelische Naturalismus: Ein Handbuch. Metzler: Stuttgart, 163-174. ENGLISH TRANSLATION in: Martin Hähnel (ed.) (2019) Aristotelian Naturalism: A Research Companion. Springer: Dordrecht.

Katharina Nieswandt (2016). Basic Income after Automation? That's Not How Capitalism Works! The Conversation, October 6, 2016.  (Click here for radio interview.)

Katharina Nieswandt (2016). Anscombe on the Sources of Normativity. The Journal of Value Inquiry 51(1): 141-163.

Ulf Hlobil and Katharina Nieswandt (2016). On Anscombe’s Philosophical Method. Klēsis: Revue Philosophique 35: 180–198.  REPRINT in: John Haldane (ed.) (2018): St. Andrews Studies in Philosophy. Exeter: Imprint Academic.

Katharina Nieswandt (2016). Do Rights Exist by Convention or by Nature? Topoi 35(1): 313-325.

Book (Translation & Study Guide)

Katharina Nieswandt & Ulf Hlobil (eds.) (2014). G.E.M. Anscombe: Aufsätze. Suhrkamp: Berlin.

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