Études françaises (French Studies) (BA)

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Certificate (Cert)
Offered by:
Département d'études françaises, Faculty of Arts & Science

Why choose Études françaises (French Studies)?

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a francophone, you’re welcome here. You study French at your own pace. We offer a wide variety of language courses and you’re able to choose from academic paths in linguistics, literature or translation.

In language courses, you study and practise the techniques and structures of French. Francophone literature is a vast domain, covering a wide range of countries and spanning many centuries. You’ll learn to analyze literary texts, as well as scholarly materials and research literature, enhancing your ability to read, understand, enjoy and appraise written French.

As North America’s capital of French culture, Montreal is a living lab. You’ll connect with Quebec culture, tradition, history and literature as well as with a diverse French–speaking community from around the world.   

Whether you want to work in science, culture or business, advanced training in French is a valuable linguistic asset in Canada, an essential tool for living in Quebec, and a ticket to roam la francophonie.

Program Details

A Bachelor of Arts degree takes a minimum of three or four years (90-120 credits) of full-time study, depending on your academic background.


  • Specialization in études françaises (60 credits)
  • Major in études françaises Langue ou littératures de langue française (45 credits)
  • Major in études françaises Traduction (48 credits)
  • Certificate in langue française (30 credits)
  • Minor in langue française (24 credits)
  • Minor in littératures de langue française (24 credits)

Students in the specialization program will study French in one of two groups:

  • Group A: students who have completed high school in a language other than French
  • Group B: students who have completed high school in French

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