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Every year we introduce a few of the exceptional students that help make up our vibrant learning community in our Undergraduate Viewbook [PDF] and our Graduate Viewbook [PDF]. Find out why they chose Concordia. Hear how their experience here mixes academic flexibility, real-life applied learning experiences, research opportunities and extracurricular activites keeps them engaged now, and prepared for the future.

Caroline Daoust Larente BComm in Accountancy
Studying at JMSB and doing a term in Paris has opened up a whole world of possibilities.
Olivier Hinse BA in Child Studies
Concordia Athletics named Olivier Most Valuable Player and handed him the Ron Lapointe Award in recognition of his achievement in academics, athletics and community involvement.
Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr and Renaud Lessard BFA in Film Production
Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr and Renaud Lessard made it to Cannes on the strength of their first short film together.
Katherine Kokmanian BEng in Mechanical Engineering
Katherine's co-op term at Bombardier that Katherine’s education really took flight. The work term helped her realize that she wanted to have a career in the aerospace industry.
Gabi Mandl BSc in Biochemistry
“My professors are incredible,” says Gabi. “I get to school 20 minutes early just so I have a front-row seat in my lectures, because I’m that excited to learn the material.”
Sophie Choquette BA in Communication Studies
Sophie learned about international community development and used her media skills to train local community groups in Gulu Uganda.

Vinay Nawani and Tara Walker Master's, Business Administration
Tara and Vinay interviewed small business owners in Gulu, Uganda, to track the real costs of frequent power grid blackouts.
Ehsan Rezabeigi PhD, Mechanical Engineering
A lightweight implant made of glass and polymer foam shows great promise as a “bone substitute” to promote healing.
Ehsan Rezabeigi
Thomas Vincent Postdoctoral Fellow, Physics
Thomas is finding ways to measure the effects of exercise on brain activity with a view to preventing cognitive decline.
Thomas Vincent
JoDee Allen Master’s, Individualized Program (INDI)
What if dance-based video games recognized a player's creative genius and gave points for improvised moves?
JoDee Allen
Desirée de Jesus PhD, Film and Moving Image Studies
"My professors have been very affirming, which has helped me make that shift from being a student to taking my place in the field as an academic."
Rachel MacNeill Master’s, Media Studies
How aboriginal girls in remote communities use mainstream media to form a narrative of empowerment.
Rachel MacNeill
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