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Chartered Professional Accountancy (CPA)

Graduate Diploma (GrDip)
Offered by:
John Molson School of Business

Why pursue a Graduate Diploma in Chartered Professional Accountancy?

Develop skill in auditing, business advising, budgeting, performance management, tax and corporate governance.  Work individually or in teams analyzing business cases that simulate actual business situations developing your skills in business strategy, management decision making, financial reporting analysis, tax, finance, corporate governance and risk management. Alumni pursue a variety of related career options in audit and consulting firms, and in industry organizations.

The Graduate Diploma in Chartered Professional Accountancy provides an in-class learning experience where you will solve complex and highly integrative cases in preparation for the CPA National CFE. Students acquire an advanced understanding of the technical aspects of accounting, such as financial reporting, taxation, and assurance rules, as well as strengthen their business acumen to better serve the companies they work for.

Distinguished faculty members bring a wealth of industry experience to their teaching practice, giving you the unique opportunity to learn from real-life examples in the classroom. Our experts have held prominent positions in a number of highly successful companies and are continuously very active in the marketplace.  Recent graduates also serve as graders/coaches, giving timely feedback based on the most current changes made to the CPA National CFE.

Concordia students achieve excellent first-time writer pass rates for the CPA National CFE, several of whom have made the National Honour Roll.  Students in the CPA program are eligible to transfer up to 21 credits into the John Molson MBA Program.

All of our courses are held in the evening, giving you the freedom to complete your practical work experience requirements while you study.

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