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How to apply for strategic funding

Strategic Funding is temporarily unavailable. Please check back periodically for updates.

The President is inviting applications for strategic funding to support projects that move forward the goals of the strategic framework. To apply for this funding, please download and complete the Request for Strategic Funding Allocation template [PDF]. Your submission will require the two approval signatures identified on the template, and will be transmitted for consideration through the appropriate Vice-President.

Templates must be complete to be considered, and descriptions should not exceed the space allocated. The President has formed an advisory committee that will meet quarterly to examine all applications and indicate to her the extent to which each meets the following criteria:

  1. Applications to the Fund are accepted for up to 50% of the project cost, with a minimum request of $10,000 and a maximum of $25,000 from the Fund.
  2. The project resides clearly within the requesting unit’s mandate (or within the leading unit’s mandate if a collaboration between multiple units), has a clear project management plan, and has a single, designated project manager.
  3. The project will result in measurable progress toward the goals of the Strategic Framework or its supporting actions.
  4. The requested funding will match other available funds. Unit matching funds may exceed 50% of the total project cost and may be sourced from different units.
  5. In all cases, allocations from the Strategic Fund will be used for non-recurrent purposes.
  6. The availability of necessary resources for the completion of the plan outside of the requested allocation from the Strategic Fund is clearly articulated and endorsed by the appropriate signatory or signatories.
  7. There is a clear plan for measuring and communicating the project’s success.


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