Sharing our Memories, our Stories

Exterior view of the McCord Museum in Montreal Image courtesy of the McCord Museum


  • Shannon Hebblethwaite, Asha Courtland


  • McCord Museum, FRQ Intersectoral Living Labs

Student participants

  • Michelle LaSalle, Ashley Strange

Concordia's Center for Research on Aging (engAGE) and the McCord Museum collaborated to adapt the Sharing our Memories, our Stories program to an online environment due to COVID-19. The pilot program seeks to research and find best practices associated with online, participatory, intergenerational programming. The objectives of the program and the research are to:

  • Facilitate connections between older adults and youth to contribute to breaking feelings of isolation;
  • Encourage solidarity and understanding of the realities experienced by participants of different generations and help deconstruct stereotypes related to ageism;
  • Use cultural mediation and the McCord Museum's collection to promote learning and exchanges between participants;
  • Create tangible and personal documents of the stories and memories of participants as it relates to their experience in the program.

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