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Exploring Older Adults’ Perspectives on Participating in Online Music Experiences

Perspectives of older adults on the aesthetic, relational, technological and other components of collaborative online group music experiences.

A sheet of music sits on an accordeon, while a person has their hand on the fretboard of a guitar to make a chord

The purpose of this study was to explore older adults’ perspectives on aesthetic, relational, technological, and other components of collaborative online group music experiences.

These were organized within four overarching categories of music experience central to music therapy practice. Results will contribute to the development of best online music practice guidelines for use in music therapy and leisure contexts as well as in future research.

The results of this research lead to the development of the Music, Friends, and Family Program, which aims to reduce social isolation and related complications by facilitating hybrid and online music-centered ‘visits’ between older adults and family members or friends who are unable to have in-person visits due to geographical, safety, or other reasons. Music, Friends, and Family Program is generously funded by the Grace Dart Foundation.


  • Dr. Laurel Young (Creative Arts Therapies)


  • Luc Maurice Foundation
  • engAGE Living Lab
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