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The Consortium for the early identification of Alzheimer’s disease

Quebec (CIMA-Q)

The Consortium for the Early Identification of Alzheimer’s Disease (CIMA-Q) brings together more than 90 Quebec researchers and clinicians who have the goal of advancing knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease. The guiding mission of the Consortium is to develop tools for early identification of Alzheimer’s disease in order to increase the likelihood of successful interventions and improve quality of life for older adults struggling with this condition.


  • Pierre Bellec
  • Sylvie Belleville
  • Christian Bocti
  • Frederic Calon
  • Howard Chertkow
  • Louis Collins
  • Stephen Cunnane
  • Simon Duchesne
  • Pierrette Gaudreau
  • Serge Gauthier
  • Sebastien S. Hebert
  • Carol Hudon
  • Marie-Jeanne-Kergoat
  • Andrea C. LeBlanc
  • Nicole Leclerc
  • Naguib Mechawar
  • Natalie Philips
  • Jean-Paul Soucy
  • Thien Thanh Dang Vu
  • Louis Verret
  • Juan Manuel Villalpando


  • Fonds de recherche du Quebec–Sante (FRQS) - Pfizer Innovation Program
  • Quebec Network for Research on Aging
  • Fondation Courtois
  • Consortium for the Neurodegeneration associated with Aging
  • CIHR

Student participants

  • Postdoc: Aurore Perrault, Nathan Cross
  • Doctorate: Kristina Coulter
  • Masters: Kazem Habibi 
  • Undergraduate: Zara Duquette, Alexandros Hadjinicolaou
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