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B/OLD: Aging in our city

B/OLD: Aging in our city was a free and bilingual event that happened at Concordia University on May 16 and 17, 2019. From ‘age friendly cities,’ to ‘smart cities’ and ‘sustainable cities,’ how we live together in urban spaces is on the public agenda, here in Montreal and around the world. But who are the citizens that are imagined and implied by these terms? How can we work together to make the city a better and more inclusive place to grow old? B/OLD examined the experiences of aging in Montreal from a multidisciplinary, multisectoral and intergenerational perspective. We opened the university’s doors widely to community activists, students, policy makers, the media and, most importantly, older adults themselves, inviting all participants to “be bold” and to embrace “old.”


  • Shannon Hebblethwaite
  • Kim Sawchuk
  • Laurel Young

Student Participants

  • Scott DeJong


  • SSHRC, Faculty of Arts and Science, Foundation Luc Maurice

B/OLD activities

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