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Donating Archives

The Records Management and Archives Department is responsible for acquiring university-related archives produced by faculty, staff, students, alumni, and independent organizations associated to the University, as well as all archives documenting the history of Concordia and its two founding institutions, Loyola College and Sir George Williams University.

Your generous contributions help us build our holdings and better document the history of Concordia University and its two founding institutions. We also want to know about your field of expertise, your research and your contributions to the University and the community.

If you would like to donate your records, please contact Vincent Ouellette (514-848-2424, ext. 7820), Archivist/Records Officer, responsible for acquisitions.

We accept, among others, textual, photographic, audiovisual, cartographic documents in analog or digital forms. We may also accept certain objects and publications. Please check with the archivist responsible for acquisitions.

What we acquire

Whether you are a faculty member, a staff member, an alumni or a friend of Concordia, we are interested in your biographical information such as your latest CV, your diaries, your accomplishments, your awards, and anything of that nature. If you have significant correspondence and other documents related to community services or if you participated in a significant event, this is also the kind of documentation we would like to have.

If you are a Faculty member, we are also interested in your teaching materials like lecture notes, examination questions, paper instructions, significant correspondence, course outlines,etc. Information on your research is also of interest to us. We would like to have correspondence, research data, grant proposals, conference speeches, etc.

If you are an alumni, knowing about your academic path at Concordia is of interest. Your significant papers and your participation in University or independent organizations (associations, clubs, etc.) are important to document student life at Concordia.

We also want the records of organizations (associations, clubs, student publications, etc.) with a close link to Concordia. The administrative files, the history, the services and activities of this organization are important to document the University’s history.

The records listed here are only examples of what we want to collect. Make sure you speak to Vincent Ouellette, Archivist/Records Officer (514-848-2424, ext. 7820), if you are in doubt of what you should donate.

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