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Katharina Nieswandt, PhD

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Katharina Nieswandt, PhD
Office: S-S 210 
S Annex,
2145 Mackay
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2508
Website(s): PhilPapers
Availability: Fall Term 2020 (via Zoom):
Wed. 13:15--15:15,
and by appointment.

Areas of Specialization

Metaethics; political theory; normative ethics


Postdoc:  Stanford University, Center for Ethics in Society, 2016
PhD (Philosophy):  University of Pittsburgh, 2015
Magister Artium (Philosophy):  Universität Trier, 2009
Diplom (Psychology):  Universität Trier, 2008

Research activities

Current Topics

Prof. Nieswandt's current research investigates the relations between (1) personal and common good, (2) personal happiness and a good character, and (3) moral and social norms.

In addition, she is leading a quantitative study on the under-representation of women in philosophy.

Works in Progress or in Print

  • The Good Life and the Good State (book project)
  • "Do I Apprehend My Life-Form in Acting Well?" (draft paper)
  • "What Explains the Gender Gap in Philosophy versus Psychology?" (series of empirical surveys, with Ulf Hlobil, Kristen Dunfield and Heather Maranges)
  • "Automation, Basic Income and Merit" (in print)
  • "Life and Other Basic Rights in Anscombe" (in print)
  • "Revolutionary Virtues?" (presentation, with Ulf Hlobil)

Research Assistant

Jordan Walters, Concordia Philosophy Department, MA student.


Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

To access the official journal publication, click on the links below.  Final drafts can be downloaded from PhilPapers.

Ulf Hlobil & Katharina Nieswandt (2019): Do the Virtues Make You Happy? Philosophical Inquiries 7(2): 181-202.

Katharina Nieswandt (2019): Beyond Frontier Town: Do Early Modern Theories of Property Apply to Capitalist Economies? Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 22(4): 909-923.

Ulf Hlobil & Katharina Nieswandt (2019): Foot without Archilles' Heel. Philosophia 47(5): 1501–1515.

Katharina Nieswandt & Ulf Hlobil (2018):  Virtues for the Imperfect.  The Journal of Value Inquiry 53(4): 605-625.

Katharina Nieswandt (2018): What Is Conventionalism about Moral Rights and Duties? Australasian Journal of Philosophy 97(1): 15-28.

Katharina Nieswandt (2017): Anscombe on the Sources of Normativity. The Journal of Value Inquiry 51(1): 141-163.

Katharina Nieswandt (2016): Do Rights Exist by Convention or by Nature? Topoi 35(1): 313-325.

Ulf Hlobil and Katharina Nieswandt (2016): On Anscombe’s Philosophical Method. Klēsis: Revue Philosophique 35: 180–198.  REPRINT in: John Haldane (ed.) (forthcoming): The Life and Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe (St. Andrews Studies in Philosophy). Imprint Academic: Exeter, 42-61.

Articles in Edited Volumes

Katharina Nieswandt (2019): Authority and Interest in the Theory of Right. In: David Plunkett, Scott Shapiro & Kevin Toh (eds.): Dimensions of Normativity: New Essays on Metaethics and Jurisprudence. Oxford University Press, Oxford: 315-334.

Katharina Nieswandt (2017): Grammatik und Funktion: Peter Geach. In: Martin Hähnel (ed.): Der aristotelische Naturalismus: Ein Handbuch. Metzler: Stuttgart, 163-174. ENGLISH TRANSLATION in: Martin Hähnel (ed.) (2020) Aristotelian Naturalism: A Research Companion. Springer, Dordrecht.

Edited Book

Katharina Nieswandt & Ulf Hlobil (eds.) (2014). G.E.M. Anscombe: Aufsätze. Herausgegeben, übersetzt und mit einer Lektürehilfe von Katharina Nieswandt und Ulf Hlobil.  Nachwort von Anselm W. Müller.  [Papers.  Edited, translated and with a study guide by KN and UH.  With an afterword by AWM.] Suhrkamp, Berlin: 400 pages.

REVIEWS by: Dominik Perler (in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) and by Christian Kietzmann (in Philosophische Rundschau).

Book Reviews

Katharina Nieswandt (2019): James Doyle's "No Morality, No Self: Anscombe’s Radical Skepticism." Ethics 130(1): 102-106.

Popular Press

Katharina Nieswandt (2016): Basic Income after Automation? That's Not How Capitalism Works! The Conversation, October 6, 2016.  (Click here for radio interview.)

Research networks

Social Justice Centre

SJC, co-director

Centre de recherche en éthique

CRÉ, member

Groupe de recherche sur la normitivité

GRIN, member


Regularly taught classes

Please note that the syllabi below are for information purposes only; they are not necessarily the most recent version.  The version that is binding for enrolled students is available through Moodle.

Introduction to Ethics
Philosophy of Human Rights
Values and Biotechnology
  • Advanced Seminar
  • PHIL 498/530/633
  • Syllabus
Advanced Studies in Ethics
  • Advanced Seminar
  • PHIL 430/621
  • The topic changes every year and is usually related to Prof. Nieswandt's current research.
  • Past topics include: "Property Rights" and "Anscombe's Moral Philosophy."
  • The department's course offerings website lists a description of the current topic.

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