Why study marketing?

Marketing is the art of persuasion: How to convey ideas, manage buzz and create desire. You persuade people to do things: buy a car, vote for a politician—even choose a university. And it doesn’t matter if you sell smart phones, business degrees or sustainable living, you’ll learn the strategies, tactics and measurements behind every consumer choice.    

During your degree, you practice decision-making skills, exercise your creative mind and study consumer behaviour. You’ll also:

  • Examine current marketing theories and practices
  • Identify the information needed to tackle marketing problems
  • Develop an ability to adapt to constantly changing marketing environments
  • Hone your communications and personal selling skills
  • Learn to analyze market metrics and other types of marketing data

JMSB’s applied approach paves the way for your seamless entry into the marketplace after graduation. You will leave with the knowledge, skill and attitude to be an advertising account manager, market researcher, social media campaigner or any number of marketing careers this versatile degree offers you.  

Program Details

BComm in Marketing

A Bachelor of Commerce degree takes a minimum of three or four years (90 – 120 credits) of full-time study, depending on your academic background. All JMSB students study a core business curriculum coupled with a JMSB major, which may be combined with a minor in another discipline or any combination of elective courses that interest them.

JMSB minor in marketing

A minor in marketing (12 credits) is available only to JMSB undergraduate students. This minor fulfils half of the 24 elective credits in your BComm and complements your major field of study.

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