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In existence since 2004, the Topic Maps Laboratory, in conjunction with Concordia’s Learning for Life Centre and the CSLP, conducts research into self-regulation and cognitive information retrieval when using an indexing technology. 

What is Topic Maps?

  • A powerful indexing technology that allows users to navigate a repository of instructor-annotated essays. 
  • Topic Maps and its related components have been developed by a group of computer scientists, educational technologists, and indexing specialists.

What does the Laboratory do?

  • Through a series of mixed-method studies, undergraduate and graduate participants use Topic Maps technology when completing writing tasks. The repository of essays they consult not only helps them to complete the writing assignments, but also to improve their task understanding and thus improve their performance from one writing assignment to the next. 
  • The team has also explored using Topic Maps in a repository containing texts and audio recordings of Inuttitut, the language of the Labrador Inuit. 

What certification does Topic Maps hold?

  • It has been given an international industry standard, ISO 13250, through collaboration with the ISO Joint Technical Committee 1/Sub-Committee 34/Working Group 3 – Document Description and Processing Languages – Information Association.
  • Venkatesh, the research team leader and creator of the Topic Maps Laboratory, has represented the Canadian delegation in the development of ISO13250 since 2004. 
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