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Guylaine Vaillancourt, PhD, MTA

Associate Professor, Music Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies

Office: S-VA 271-1 
Visual Arts Building,
1395 René Lévesque W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5670


  • Ph. D. in Leadership and Change in the Profession, Antioch University, OH (2009)
  • MA (Music Therapy), New York University (1993)
  • BA (Music Therapy), Université du Québec à Montréal (1990).
  • Training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. Creative Arts Therapy Institute, New York (1994)
  • Level 1 training in Mandala (MARI) (1994)
  • DEC (Nursing), CEGEP de Sherbrooke (1978)

Professional affiliations

  • Association canadienne des musicothérapeutes/Canadian Association of Music Therapists
  • Association québécoise de musicothérapie
  • Association for Music and Imagery
  • Association for Music and Medicine
  • Fédération des Associations des Musiciens Éducateurs du Québec

Research interests / expertise

  • Partnership Development Networking project serves to: create a network of partners for development of Creative arts therapies practicum sites in the community; offer services to populations with psychological and physical distresses who have very limited access to creative arts therapies; develop professional jobs/employment in Creative Arts Therapies (art, drama, music) in Quebec.
  • Research interests include: Mentoring, Community music therapy, Building partnership networking, Mental Health, Peace and social justice through music; Arts-based research and Participatory action-research.


Guylaine Vaillancourt is an Associate Professor in music therapy in the Department of Creative Arts Therapies since 2009. She is a music therapist accredited (MTA) by the Canadian Association of Music Therapists and has extensive clinical experience in oncology/palliative care, mental health, and in private practice, as well as in internship supervision. Since 1978, she has worked as a registered nurse in Intensive Care Unit and Dialysis while training and working in music therapy as well. Prior to coming to Concordia, she was an adjunct teacher in music therapy at UQAM (2001-2008). Her research interests relate to community music therapy, mentoring apprentice music therapists, and medical music therapy where she privileges arts-based research and participatory action research. She has worked in Switzerland, Venezuela and United States and has taught in Cuba and Martinique.She is past President of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists (2009-2011) and of Association québécoise de musicothérapie (2003-2009). She is a fellow of The Bonny Method Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM) and was a North-America co-editor for Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy (2005-2013). She is currently the French co-editor for the Canadian Journal of Music Therapy/Revue canadienne de musicothérapie. Finally she is a regular presenter at national and international conferences and is the author of Musique,musicothérapie et développement de l'enfant (Éditions du CHU Sainte-Justine) translated in Italian, Spanish,and English.

Teaching activities

Graduate Certificate: 
        MTHY 301: Introduction to Music Therapy        
        MTHY 510: Music Therapy Practicum I
        MTHY 521: Clinical Improvisation in Music Therapy

Master Degree: 
        MTHY 693. Research in Music Therapy

Research activities

Visit "Faculty Research Projects" for more details on her research.

(2015-17) Une approche innovatrice auprès de jeunes adultes en situation de grande précarité : la détente psychomusicale en musicothérapie réceptive. Seed Money-Individual Concordia.

(2015-16) Musicothérapie et santé mentale :l’expérience de musicothérapeutes québécois.

(2014-16) Developing Community through a Music Therapy Singing Intergenerational Program. Seed Money-Individual Concordia.

(2014-15)  An interfaith initiative to foster better communication and empathy between young adults from Muslim, Jewish, andChristian communities using the arts, shared sacred narratives, and documentary film. Primary investigator: Yehudit Silverman,Associate Professor. Role: Collaborator.

(2011) Children’s Right to Music/Le droit des enfants à la musique. Canadian Heritage/Human Rights Grant. Primary investigator: Dr.Sandi Curtis. Role: Collaborator.

(2012) 38th Canadian Association for Music Therapy Conference Research Symposium. Montreal. Aids to Related Research Events-Concordia.

(2011) Developing partnership with Université Paul Valery Montpellier III, France. Strategic International Partnership Seed Funding-Concordia.

(2010) Translation of the book Musique, musicothérapie et développement de l’enfant from French to English: Music, music therapy and child development. Editions CHU Sainte-Justine. Aids to Related Research Events-Concordia.

(2009) Partnership Networking Development. Faculty Research Development Program-Concordia. 


Participation activities

Selected Conferences

Bradt, J. and coll. (July 2016) Authors’ Roundtable: Scientific Writing, Peer Review, and Publication across Journals.10th European Music Therapy Conference. Vienna. Austria. 

Vaillancourt, G. (March 2014). Séminaire Musicothérapie en soins palliatifs. Université Paul Valéry III. Montpellier. France.

Vaillancourt, G.(January 2014). Guided Imagery and Music in oncology. Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine/Converging Disciplines at the Crossroads of Cancer Care. New York City, United States.

Vaillancourt,G. (November 2013). La musicothérapie: une approche à découvrir! Music for Children Carl Orff Canada Musique pour enfants chapitre du Québec (Orff-Québec). Montréal, QC.

Vaillancourt, G. (October 2013). La musicothérapie pour les personnes atteintes de cancer. Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Laval. Programme québécois de dépistage du cancer du sein. Soutien et entraide pour femmes atteintes du cancer du sein. (SEFACS). Laval, QC.

Vaillancourt, G. (July 2013). Musicoterapia: Un Enfoque Comunitario sobre la Justicia Social. V Congreso Latino american ode Musicoterapia. Sucre, Bolivia.

Vaillancourt, G. (June2013). Music Therapy in medicine. Sigma Theta Tau (STT)Gamma Delta Chapter. Plattsburgh (NY), États-Unis.

Vaillancourt, G. (May 2013). Les médiations thérapeutiques aujourd’hui. Université du Québec à Montréal/Département de psychologie. Montréal, QC. 

Vaillancourt, G. (April 2013). La musicothérapie: diminuer les effets secondaires reliés aux traitements. 5e Conférence nationale de la lutte contre le cancer-Vivre dans la dignité. Montréal, QC. 

Vaillancourt, G. (March 2013). Ateliers de musicothérapie pour les enfants et familles. Centre des sciences de Montréal/Pas de relâche pour la musique. Montréal, QC.

Vaillancourt, G. (November 2012). Créativité, improvisation en musicothérapie et apprentissage de la musique. Congrès international du Groupe de recherche en pédagogie instrumentale et musicale (GRePIM/Centre d'excellence en pédagogie musicale) de l'Observatoire interdisciplinaire de la création et de la recherche en musique. L’apprentissage de la musique : son apport pour la vie de l’apprenant du 21e siècle. Québec, QC. 

Vaillancourt, G. (June 2012). La musique au terme de la vie. Music Care Conference. Fredericton (NB).

Curtis, S.,Vaillancourt, G., Young, L. (May 2012). Research in Music Therapy atConcordia/La recherche en musicothérapie à l’Université Concordia. 38th Canadian Association for Music Therapy Conference. Montréal, QC.

Curtis, S. & Vaillancourt, G. (February 2012). Séminaire Le droit des enfants à la musique/Children’s Right to Music Project Conference. Concordia University. Montréal, QC.

Vaillancourt, G. (November 2011). Devenir musicothérapeute. Congrès de la Fédération des musiciens éducateurs duQuébec. Montréal,QC. 

Vaillancourt, G. (November 2011). Panel El Sistema. Quebec Music Educators Association Symposium/Canadian Music Educators Association Symposium. Montréal, QC.

Vaillancourt, G. & Kutarna, B. (May 2011). Maintaining a safe practice in music therapy. 37h Canadian Association for Music Therapy Conference.Winnipeg, MB.

Collaborators. (November 2010). Voices and the Open Access Revolution: Culture, ethics, Authenticity. Panel of Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy. American Music Therapy Association 60th Conference. Cleveland, United States.

Vaillancourt, G. (June 2010). Mentoring apprentice music therapist for peace and social justice through community music therapy: an arts-based study. Canadian Peace Research Association Congress of the Humanities & Social Sciences. Concordia University. Montréal, QC.

Vaillancourt, G. & collaborators. (November 2010). Voices and the Open Access Revolution: Culture, ethics, Authenticity. Panel of Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy. American Music Therapy Association 60th Conference. Cleveland (US).

Vaillancourt, G.(November 2009). Mentoring apprentice music therapist for peace and social justice through community music therapy: an arts-based study. American Music Therapy Association 59th Conference. San Diego, United States.

Vaillancourt, G., Milis, S., Gaudette-Leblanc, A. (July2008). Arts-Based Research and Participatory Action Research in Music Therapy. XII World Federation of Music Therapy Conference. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Vaillancourt, G. (May2008). Recherche-action participative et application de la recherche basée sur les arts en musicothérapie communautaire. 34th Canadian Association for Music Therapy Conference. Québec, QC.

Vaillancourt, G.(August 2007). Music therapy in oncology. 7th European Music Therapy Congress. The Netherlands.


Selected awards

Canadian Association for Music Therapy Peers Recognition Awards (2013)

Electronic Thesis Dissertation (ETD) Innovative Award granted by the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) (2010)

Ohio Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Award for Innovation (2010)

Fondation de musicothérapie du Canada (2007)

Fondation internationale d’éducation Laflamme (1991) 

Bourse de la Fondation UQAM (1990)

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