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Roy Cross, MFA

Professor (Film Production), Cinema

Roy Cross
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Office: S-FB 421-23 
Faubourg Building,
1250 Guy
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 4659
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  • BFA, Film and Video Production, University of Regina, 1990
  • MFA, Studio Arts (Film Production), Concordia University, 1998


Professor Roy Cross teaches in the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. He studied for his undergraduate degree at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan and received his MFA from Concordia University. His feature film So Faraway and Blue, commercially released in Canada, was warmly compared to the work of Leonard Cohen by many critics and reviewers. He has received funding from three provincial arts council agencies as well as the Canada Council. He has also received industry funding from three provincial funding bodies as well as from the National Film Board and Telefilm Canada. His films have played festivals and screens around the world. 

He has two teenage sons who have acted in his films or been caught on camera as Roy often shoots diary-type footage of his daily life. Roy is currently writing a blog  that reflects his thoughts and feelings as his partner faces her terminal diagnosis and anticipated death.

Research interests

Early cinema, silent era, black and white film processing, sound design.

Areas of expertise

script-writing, sound, analog, low-budget, black and white.

A Dark Blue Sky
A Dark Blue Sky
Cast Shot, The Ballad of Ava

Teaching Activities

Teaching Philosophy

Roy was the recipient of the 2015 Faculty of Fine Arts Distinguished Teaching Award.

Roy's teaching philosophy revolves around a quadrant that includes theory, writing, praxis and critique. The umbrella that shelters all of these components is the artist’s process.

He believes that a series of constraints placed on students does not limit their creative possibilities but rather frees them to explore deeper imaginations. As such he refers to these limitations as liberating parameters. All his assignments and exercises come with a series of liberating parameters, whether the number of actors or locations they can work with, the amount of equipment they have access to, or formal considerations, among many others. Born out of cost necessity, this has been a part of his own artistic practice for many years but has proven to be creatively beneficial far beyond fiscal concerns.

Research activities


In March of 2015, Roy completed a diary film, A Dark Blue Sky, that examines concepts of fatherhood and home after a divorce. He is currently researching low-toxic photochemical processes with his Green Film Lab and methods for small-batch processing of motion picture film. He built a 4x5 pinhole camera and is undertaking tests to shoot a landscape and portrait project.

Currently in post production The Ballad of Ava is a 15 minute experiment in fiction filmmaking. The film is one story, broken into three chapters each written and directed by a different filmmaker.

He recently completed a new feature length script, Harlan Falls. He plans to shoot the film in 35mm anamorphic, black and white and with the intention to process the negative in the Green Film Lab.

He is currently writing a blog that reflects his thoughts and feelings as his partner faces her terminal diagnosis. He has been shooting footage, gathering audio, and still photographs of her reflections as she examines and processes her anticipated death.

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