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Cynthia Imogen Hammond, PhD

Associate Professor, Art History

Associate Professor

Office: S-EV 3766 
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex,
1515 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5171
Website(s): Cynthia Hammond
The Right to the City
City as Palimpsest
Availability: From 1 January-1July 2017 I am on sabbatical and as a result have no regular office hours during this time. My response time on email will be slow until my return to Concordia, and to regular office hours, in September 2017. Have a great semester!

Dr Cynthia Hammond graduated from Concordia University's Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in 2002. Her PhD thesis won the Governor-General's Gold Medal for a doctoral dissertation. From 2003-05, Cynthia held the first SSHRC-funded postdoctoral fellowship at the School of Architecture, McGill University. She was Chair of the Department of Art History from 2013-16, and will be Co-Director of the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (COHDS) as of June 2017.

Cynthia teaches courses on interdisciplinary practice and method, architectural history, and seminars on spatial, feminist, and posthumanist theory. Her research has been dedicated to thinking critically and creatively about the role of women, animals, and biological life in designed landscapes and the built environment. Her published research has also explored the public history and the notion of collective heritage in relation to architecture and cultural landscapes in Canada and Europe.

In addition to her peer-reviewed publications and presentations, Cynthia has an ongoing practice as an artist, which is documented at Her most recent group art exhibitions were held at FOFA Gallery and Studio XX in 2014. Cynthia also works with various creative collectives (pouf! art architecture, Urban Occupations Urbaines, Points de vue, LEAP) on workshops and art projects that directly connect current-day residents with Montreal's urban history and often controversial development and change.

Between 2014-16 Cynthia received three "Curriculum Innovation" awards for cross-disciplinary teaching initiatives at Concordia University in the postindustrial neighbourhood of Pointe-Saint-Charles. Working with colleagues in Oral History (Dr Steven High), Theatre (Dr Edward Little) and Art Education (Dr Kathleen Vaughan) Cynthia is developing place-based, community engaged learning that combines the study of urban morphology, life stories, and creative, site-specific interventions. In 2015 Cynthia was honoured with an Outstanding Contribution to Student Life award, in part because of her work in Pointe-Saint-Charles.

Starting in summer 2015 Cynthia will be collaborating with colleagues in Art Education and Studio Arts on the Montreal leg of an international, interdisciplinary pedagogical and research project titled "Lost Waters". Cynthia is also developing a series of creative, research, and community partnerships along the Montreal-Sudbury and Detroit-Montreal postindustrial corridors. The project, "Rust Belt" explores the role of art in creating communities of political engagement and moments of enchantment in deindustrializing urban landscapes.

Research & Teaching Interests

  • History and theory of architecture, landscape architecture and the city
  • Cultural landscapes
  • Gender and space
  • Feminist and posthumanist theory
  • Research-creation and interdisciplinary practice
  • Community-engaged scholarship and creative work

Distinctions & Awards


  • PI, Concordia's OVPRGS Aid to Research Related Events, Exhibition, Publication and Dissemination Activities (ARRE) Program for "Journée d'étude: The Right to the City"
  • PI, Concordia's Curriculum Innovation Funding for “The Right to the City.” With Dr Steven High (Oral History), Dr Edward Little (Theatre), Dr Kathleen Vaughan (Art Education)


  • Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Award
  • Concordia, Chair Research Award
  • PI, Concordia's Faculty of Fine Arts Matching Funds Program, “Points de vue: A Collaboration between Concordia and the Darling Foundry”
  • PI, Concordia's OVPRGS Aid to Research Related Events, Exhibition, Publication and Dissemination Activities (ARRE) Program, “Points de vue: A Collaboration between Concordia and the Darling Foundry, Concordia 
  • PI, Concordia's Curriculum Innovation Funding for “The Right to the City.” With Dr Steven High (Oral History), Dr Edward Little (Theatre), Dr Kathleen Vaughan (Art Education)
  • Concordia's Undergraduate Student Research Award (student: Zoe Wonfor)


  • Co-applicant, Concordia Curriculum Innovation Award for “Self/Portrait/Text.” With Professor Eric Simon (Studio Arts) 
  • PI, Concordia Chair Research Award


  • Concordia Research & Graduate Studies Seed Funding Program: "Feminist Cultural Landscapes: Research-Creation and Public Memory"


  • FQRSC (Fonds de recherché sur la société et la culture) Emerging Scholar Program: "Public Modernisms: The History and Future of Modern Architecture in Montreal"


  • Scholar in residence, Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum Geschichte und Kultur Ostmitteleuropas (Centre for the Study of the History and Culture of East-Central Europe), University of Leipzig, Germany


  • Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Emerging Scholar Award: "Reforming Architecture, Defending Empire: Florence Nightingale and the Pavilion Hospital"


  • Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation Travel Grant: "Catherine Bauer: The Interior of Modernism"


  • Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Postdoctoral Fellowship (School of Architecture, McGill University, Montreal)


  • Governor General's Gold Medal for Doctoral Dissertation


  • Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Doctoral Grant

Camille Bédard, Art History graduate, and Cynthia Hammond, Chair of Art History, at a 2015 publication launch
Photo credit: Mark Clintberg, 2015

Teaching activities


  • ARTH 270 Icons of Architectural History 
  • ARTH 300 Art Historical Methods 
  • ARTH 355 Studies in Architecture: "Houses/Homes" 
  • ARTH 368 Studies in Contemporary Art and Architecture: "Art of the City: Artists, the Urban, and Architecture" 
  • ARTH 354 Studies in Interdisciplinarity in the Visual Arts: "The Gesamtkunstwerk" 
  • ARTH 450 Advanced Seminar in the History of Architecture: Theories & philosophies of space, experience and architecture


  • ARTH 610 Selected Issues in North American Art and Architectural History: "Montreal: City as Palimpsest"
  • ARTH 627 Feminism, Art, Art History 
  • ARTH 636 Seminar in Architectural History: Special topic: Public Urban Landscapes: The History and Future of Parks, Gardens and Sustainable Urbanism 
  • ARTH 611 Industrialization and the Built Environment: The Right to the City 
  • ARTH 655 Thesis Seminar 
  • ARTH 803 Thematic Questions: 'And Say the Animal Responded?' The Posthumanist Challenge for Architecture, Geography and Landscape

Thesis Supervision

PhD thesis supervision

  • Shauna Janssen, PhD in Humanities (2014), “Urban Occupations Urbaines: Curating the Post-Industrial Landscape” 
  • Nuria Carton de Grammont Lara, PhD in Art History (2012), “Cartographie esthétique de la globalisation sous-développée à travers l'art contemporain mexicain, 1990-2012” 

MA thesis supervision

  • Laura O’Brien, MA in Art History (in progress) 
  • Muriel Luderowski, MA in Art History (in progress) 
  • Isadora Chicoine-Marinier, MA in Art History (in progress) 
  • Jean-Philippe McGurrin, MA in Art History (2013), “Lieux d'intersections primates: Le Fondation Fauna, Québec”  
  • Marie-France Daigneault-Bouchard, MA in Art History (2013), “The Staging of a Megastructure, Expo 67: Manic-5”   
  • Noni Brynjolson, MA Art History (2012), “Crossing Communities the Question of New Genre Public Art”  
  • Lindsay Cory, MA in Art History (2012), “AgoraPHILIA: A Place for Assembly in Square Viger, Montreal”  
  • Louis Perreault, MA in the Individualized Interdisciplinary Program (2012), “Sur la trace du renard : présences, habitations et images d'un site postindustriel”  
  • Emily Kirkman, MA in Art History (2011), “Fashioning Identity: The Hostesses of Expo 67”  
  • Johnny Nawracaj, MA in Art History (2011), “For a Radical Posterity: Feminist and Queer Archiving Practices in the CWAHI and Bildwechsel Projects”  
  • Maya Soren, MA in Art History (2011), “Reclaiming Le 9e: Public Heritage at the Eaton's Ninth Floor Restaurant”  
  • Danielle Lewis, MA in Art History (2010) “THe Inflatable Art-Architecture of Michael Rakowitz and Ana Rewakowicz”  
  • Mark Clintberg, MA in Art History (2009), “Commodified Generosity and Relational Abductions: The Multiples of Felix Gonzalez-Torres”  
  • Shauna Janssen, MA in the Individualized Interdisciplinary Program (2009), “Reclaiming the Darling Foundry: From Post-Industrial Landscape to Quartier Éphémère”  
  • Susannah Wesley, MA in Art History (2009), “Finding the Sublime: Assessing Elizabeth Simcoe's Fires as an Art Practice” 

Research activities

Current Research

Hammond's book, Architects, Angels, Activists and the City of Bath, 1765-1965: Engaging with Women's Spatial Interventions in Buildings and Landscape (Ashgate 2012) explores cultural memory and public history in the world-renowned city of Bath, England, one of the few cities in the world to have been given World Heritage Status by UNESCO. Hammond approaches the past with the methods of the architectural historian and the site-specific interventions of the contemporary artist. Looking beyond and behind Bath's strategic marshaling of its past, and its reiteration of male architectural heroes, Hammond presents the ways that women of all classes shaped the built environment and designed landscapes of one of England's most architecturally significant cities. This book is also an intervention into the city's public memory. The author uses site-specific works of public art as strategic counterparts to her historical readings. Through them, she aims to transform as well as critique the urban image of Bath. At once a performative literature, an extensively researched history, and an alternative guide to the city, Architects, Angels, Activists engages with current struggles over urban signification in Bath and beyond.

From the series, A Woman Was Here, by Cynthia Hammond, 1999
Photo credit: Photo: Colin McMahon


Selected Publications

Chapters in books

“The Thin End of the Green Wedge: Berlin’s Planned and Unplanned Urban Landscapes.” In Urban Forests, Trees, and Green Space: A Political Ecology Perspective. Ed. L. Anders  Sandberg, Adrina Bardekjian, Sadia Butt. Earthscan/Routledge, 2014. 207-224.

“‘I Weep for us Women’: Suburbia, Modernism, and Feminism in the 1953 Canadian Home Journal Housing Competition.” In Rethinking Professionalism: Essays on Women and Art in Canada. Ed. Kristina Huneault and Janice Anderson. McGill–Queen’s UP, 2012. 194-224.

“Breathing Spaces and Whispering Walls: Feminist Spatial Practice.” In Feminist Practices:  Interdisciplinary Approaches of Women in Architecture. Ed. Lori Brown. Aldershot,  England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2011. 83-98.

“Urban ‘Truths’: Artistic Intervention in Post-Socialist Space.” In The Post-Socialist City: Continuity and Change in Urban Space and Imagery. Ed. Marina Dmitrieva and Alfrun Kliems. Berlin: Jovis Verlag, 2010. 68-85.

“Renegade Ornament and the Image of the Post-Socialist City: The Pécs ‘Love Locks’, Hungary.” The Present of the Recent Past: Reinterpretations of Socialist Modernism in East Central Europe/Halb–Vergangenheit: Städtische Räume und urbane Lebenswelten vor und nach der Wende. Ed. Timea Kovác. Berlin: Lukas Verlag, 2010. 181-195.

“The Soul of the City: Heritage Architecture, Vandalism and the New Bath Spa.” Strange Spaces: Geographical Explorations into Mediated Obscurity. Ed. André Jansson and  Amanda Lagerkvist. Aldershot, England: Ashgate, 2009. 205-226.

“The (Human) Habitat: Humanism, Architecture and Habitat 67/04.” Architecture and Identity. Ed. Peter Herrle and Erik Wegerhoff. Hamburg, Berlin, London: Lit Verlag, 2008. 259-270.

“The Interior of Modernism: Catherine Bauer and the American Housing Movement.” Craft, Space and Interior Design 1855-2005. Ed. Janice Helland and Sandra Alfoldy. Aldershot, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2008. 169-188.

Peer-reviewed articles 

With Thomas D. Strickland. “Biting Back: Art and Activism at the Dog Park.” On∣Site Review 30, Ethics and Publics (Fall-Winter 2013): 6-11.

“Suffragette City: Spatial Knowledge and Suffrage Work in Bath, 1909-1914.” Bath History XIII (Sept. 2013): 74-98.

“Past the Parapets of Patriarchy? Women, the Star System, and the Built Environment.” Atlantis: A  Women’s Studies Journal 34.1 (2009): 5-15.

“Beaver Lake Stories and the Paradoxical Syntagma of Modern Heritage.” Architecture & Ideas: Experimental Modernism (2009): 50-69.

“‘Dearest City, I am Thine’: Selina Hastings’ Architectural Vision.” Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal. Special Issue: Women and Architecture 35.2 (March 2006): 145-169. 

“Reforming Architecture, Defending Empire: Florence Nightingale and the Pavilion Hospital.” Studies  in the Social Sciences: (Un)healthy Interiors: Contestations at the Intersection of Public Health and Private Space 37.1 (July 2005): 1-24.

“Palimpsest: The World Trade Centre and Informal Memorial Practice.” OnSite Review: Architecture and Land 14 (Fall 2005): 22-24. 

“The Industry of Motherhood: Spring Hurlbut’s L’ascension and Julia Margaret Cameron’s Wings.”  RACAR (Revue d'art canadienne/Canadian Art Review) XXV, 1-2 (1998-issued in 2001): 48-57.

“Mending Icarus' Wing: The Poetics of Descent.” Analecta Husserliana: The Journal Of  Phenomenological Research and Learning. Ed. Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka. Kluwer Academic  Publishers (2000): 55-64.

“The Gathering of Earth: 101 Mountains.” Journal of Religion and Culture10 (Summer 1999): 93-114.


With Shauna Janssen. Points de vue: La tour d’aiguillage Wellington. A proposal for the Ville de  Montréal, by Urban Occupations Urbaines, pouf! art architecture, and 636 Collective. Trans.  Noémie Despland–Lichlert, Adeline Paradis-Hautcoeur, Pascal Robitaille. Montreal: pouf! art architecture, 2013. 22pp.

“Patricia Patkau, Eva Matsuzaki, Catherine Bauer, Beverly Willis, Anne Tyng.” (Encyclopedia entries.) Dictionnaire des créatrices, Antoinette Fouque, Béatrice Didier, Mireille Calle-Gruber (ed.), Paris: Les Éditions des Femmes, 2012.

Exhibition catalogues and essays

Self/Portrait/Text. Exhibition at Z Art Space, 19-25 June 2014. Ed. Cynthia Hammond (multiple authors).  Montréal: Concordia University, 2014.

concrète: the one-hour artist residency. Exhibition at Concordia University, 3 April 2014. Ed. Cynthia  Hammond. Montréal: pouf! art architecture, 2014.

With Caroline Alexander and Thomas D. Strickland. the fine line between public and private: drawings  for a thicker skin, 1992-2012 / la frontière entre privé et public: dessiner afin de se couvrir,  1992-2012. Bilingual exhibition catalogue. Trans. Isabelle Pichet. Montreal: Cynthia Hammond,  2012.

dog parc gallery. Exhibition catalogue. Trans. Marie-France Daigneault-Bouchard. Montreal:  pouf! art architecture, 2011.

Suffragettes in Bath: Activism in an Edwardian Arboretum. Exhibition catalogue. Ed. Dan Brown.  Somerset: Bath in Time, 2011.

“Chosen Uncertainties: Chih-Chien Wang and the Jelly Project #1.” Rearranging Desires: Curating the ‘Other’ Within. Ed. Alice Ming Wai Jim. FOFA Art Gallery, Concordia, Montreal, 6-31 October  2008. 33-37.

“Ana Rewakowicz: An Architecture of Affect.” Ana Rewakowicz. Exhibition catalogue. Lennoxville, Que.: Foreman Art Gallery, Bishop’s University, 2007. 42-49.

Book and exhibition reviews

Exhibition review. “Architecture in Uniform: Designing and Building for the Second World War” at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal. Journal of Architectural Education 65.2 (April  2012):  148-151.

Exhibition review. “Total City,” Review of “Actions: What You Can Do With the City” and “Total Environment: Montreal 1965-1975” at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal. The Architect’s Newspaper (29 August 2009): 34-35.

Book review: Annmarie Adams, Medicine By Design: The Architect and the Modern Hospital,  1893-1943. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2008, Medical History 53.3 (July 2009):  434-35.&

Book review: Rebecca Solnit, As Eve Said to the Serpent: On Landscape, Gender and Art. (Gatens,  Georgia: U of Georgia Press, 2001), Gender, Place and Culture 14.4 (2007): 502-504.

Exhibition review: “Sense of the City” at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal. Material  History Review 64 (2006): 59-65.

Book review: Bettina Bradbury and Tanina Myers, eds., Negotiating Identities in 19th and 20th Century Montreal (Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia Press, 2005), Gender, Place and  Culture 13.4 (April 2006) 467-68.

Book review: Dolores Hayden, The Power of Place: Urban Landscapes as Public History, MIT: 1996,  RACAR 23.1-2 (1996/1998): 101-103.

Exhibition review, “François Morelli” at the Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Montreal. Parachute 88 (Oct–Dec. 1997): 60-1.

Book review: Carol Duncan, Civilizing Rituals, Routledge: 1995, Parachute 83 (Sept. 96): 60.

Book review: Deborah Fausch et al, Architecture in Fashion, Princeton: 1994; Sophie Watson, Katherine Gibson, Postmodern Cities and Spaces, Blackwell: 1995, Parachute 81 (Mar. 1996): 66-7.

Non-refereed publications

“Rue Bernard.” Flaneur Magazine. Ed Fabian Saul. 3 (2014).  

“The Woman, the Victory, and the Snow-Globe Dress.” Rétrofictions. Ed. John Latour. Limited edition.  Montreal: John Latour, 2013.

With Thomas D. Strickland. “The Centaur Theatre: The Same But Always Changing.” Le Vieux-Montréal  (Jul./Aug. 2011): 10. 

With Thomas D. Strickland. “Parc Pilote: A Dog-Friendly Corner of Old Montreal.” Le Vieux-Montréal  (Dec. 2010): 10.

“Nader Hasan.” Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto, 4-27 Nov. 2010. Web. ( np.

Reprints/new editions

(revised, reprinted) “The ‘Truths’ of the City: Renegade Ornament and Post-Socialist Space.” Mitropa (2010):  41-45. 

(reprint) “Through Feminist Eyes: In Memory of Natalie Luckyj (1945-2002),” Raven Papers:  Remembering Natalie Luckyj. Ed. Angela Carr. Ottawa: Penumbra Press for the School for Studies in Art and Culture, Carleton University, 2010. 6-10.

In memoriam

 “Through Feminist Eyes: In Memory of Natalie Luckyj (1945-2002),” RACAR (Revue d'art canadienne/Canadian Art Review) XXVI, 1-2, 1999 (published 2002): 96-97.

Self-published writing/blogs

“dog parc gallery: a project by pouf! art architecture.” Begun 19 September 2010. Accessible via Ongoing.

“A woman was here.” Limited edition book, produced and distributed in Bath, England, 2000.

“Fallen/Winged.” Limited edition book, produced and distributed in Bath, England, 2000.

“Fifty portraits for Mount Royal,” La petite enveloppe urbaine 4 (Sept. 1999): np.

“Hypaethral: Open to the Sky,” La petite enveloppe urbaine 3 (July 1999): 10pp.

“Wings in the city,” La petite enveloppe urbaine 1 (Nov. 1998): np.

Scholarly work in progress

(submitted) “The Garden will be Illuminated: Gendered and Georgian Pleasures in Sydney Gardens,  Bath’ Bath History XIV (2014) (5540 words)

in progress) “A Cultural Landscape in Three Acts: The Reford Gardens to Les Jardins de Métis.” Buildings and Landscapes – The Journal of the Vernacular Architectural Forum (University of  Minnesota Press). (5700 words)

Participation activities

Conferences & Lectures

Peer-reviewed presentations

“Working in place: creativity and conscious positioning.” First meeting of the Transnational Creatives Workshop, Djuronaset, Sweden, 10-12 August


“Biting Back: Art and Activism at the Dog Park.” With Thomas D. Strickland. Annual meeting of the Universities’ Art Association of Canada, Banff, Alberta, 17-19 October.

“A Cultural Landscape in Three Acts: The Reford Gardens to Les Jardins de Métis.” The Ebb and Flow of Religion and Economy in the Gaspé Peninsula. Vernacular Architecture Forum annual meeting, Gaspé, Québec, 11-13 June.


“Landscape Design, Collaboration, and Gender: Challenges and Opportunities for the New Feminist History of Canadian Art.” Imagining History. The Canadian Women Artists History Initiative biannual conference, Concordia, Montreal, 3-5 May


“Research-Creation and Spatial Analysis as Feminist Methods.” Session: “New Directions in Feminist Architectural History: Research-Creation.” Society of Architectural Historians 2011 Annual Meeting. New Orleans, Louisiana, 13-17 April


“‘Annie’s Arboretum’: Feminist Landscape Design in Edwardian England.” 4th Christina Conference on Gender Studies: Gender, Nature and Culture. University of Helsinki, Finland, 20-22 May 

“The Suffragettes’ Wood: Landscape, Gender and Memory on the Outskirts of Edwardian Bath.” More than a Spa Resort? The Urban Experience in Bath Since the Reformation. Bath Spa University, Bath, held at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, England, 24 April


“Young Women as and at Risk: The Bath Penitentiary and Lock Hospital.” Children and Youth At Risk, SHCY Annual Conference, UC Berkeley, 10-12 July


“‘I Weep for Us Women’: The Home ’53 Design Competition.” The Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Inaugural Conference, Concordia, Montreal, 2-4 October

“Fugitive Architectures, Public Spaces, Postmodern Ornament: Truthtag in Poland.” Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum Geschichte und Kultur Ostmitteleuropas, University of Leipzig, Germany, 9 July


“Renegade Ornament and the Image of the Post-Socialist City.” The Present of the Recent Past: Reinterpretations of Socialist Modernism in East Central Europe, organized by Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum Geschichte und Kultur Ostmitteleuropas, University of Leipzig, held in Pécs, Hungary, 18-19 October

“Renegade Ornament: Urban Contestation and the Museum City.” The AAH Annual Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 12-15 April

“Saving the Future: Women, History and the Architectural Icon.” Histories, Herstories: Reappraising the History of American Architecture, National Building Museum, Washington, DC, 15 March


“Fabricating Identity.” Round table, Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation Colloquium, held at the Centre for Architecture, New York, 4 November


“Habitat: Then and Now.” Architecture and Identity, Faculty of Architecture, Environment and Society, Berlin University of Technology, Berlin, Germany, 6-8 Dec.

“Taking Architecture to the Edges of the Empire: Florence Nightingale and the Pavilion Hospital Ideal.” Victorian Frontiers, the annual meeting of the North American Victorian Studies’ Association, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, 28-31 October

“Remembering Bath: Art, Architecture and the Politics of Heritage.” Realizing the Creative City, University of Regina, Sask., 13-16 October


“Reforming Architecture, Defending the Empire: Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War, 1853-56.” Annual meeting of the Universities’ Art Association of Canada, Kingston, Ontario, 8 November

“Architecture, Illness and Agency: The Bath Penitentiary and Lock Hospital.” Women, Health and Welfare, University of the West of England, Bristol, 12 March


(with Katja Macleod Kessin) “Flight: Agency in the Wings, A Metaphor for Women’s Creativity.” But Now I Have To Speak: Public Art as Social Intervention, Concordia, 5-7 November


“A Nature Betwixt: Gender and Representations of the Fairy Realm.” Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, Exeter University, Exeter, England, 3-5 April


“’Where They Work and Feel’: Hearts and Palms in the Brazilian Rainforest.” Universities’ Art 

Association of Canada, Annual Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 3-5 November

“The Industry of Motherhood.” Mothers and Daughters: Moving Into the Next Millennium, York University, Toronto, 26-28 September

“The Poetics of Descent: Mending Icarus’ Wing.” Second State Meeting of the Craft and Popular Culture Associations of Paranà, Craft and Popular Culture Associations of Paranà (Affiliated with the Federal University of Paranà), Curitiba, Paranà, Brazil


“Subjectivity and Classicism: A New Archaeology of Bath, England.” Universities’ Art Association of Canada Annual Conference, Guelph University, Guelph, Ontario, 3-5 November 

“Subjecting Classicism: Archaeology and Myth in John Wood the Elder’s Bath, England.” mining the fields/filling the blanks: cultural studies and the new art histories, Rochester University, Rochester, New York, 7-8 April

Invited lectures


“The Suffragettes’ Wood: Feminist Public History in Bath, England.” Lecture for the Montreal British History Seminar series, McGill University, 12 February

“What if you are an artist too? Interdisciplinarity, Research, and Creation within Art History.” ARTH 655 (Thesis Seminar, led by Dr Alice Jim), Department of Art History, Concordia, January


“Le Possible: Toxic Earth, Postindustrial Morphology, Community Engagement.” Lecture for ARCH 533, “Architecture and the Body” (graduate seminar led by Dr Annmarie Adams), School of Architecture, McGill University, 19 October

“Making Space: Activism, Landscape, and Women’s History.” Department of Art History, School for Studies in Art and Culture Lecture Series, Carleton University. 5 March


“Making Publics: Melvin Charney and the Legacy of the Urban Intervention in Montreal.” Journée d’étude sur le travail de Melvin Charney, 1935-2013. Université du Québec à Montréal. 28 November

With Thomas D. Strickland. “Spatial Justice / Making Public: Art, Activism, and Community in Griffintown, Montreal.” ARTH 684, “Contemporary Theory: New Architectures of Spatial Justice” (graduate seminar led by Dr Ipek Türeli), School of Architecture, McGill University, 25 October

“‘The Gardens will be Illuminated’: Gendered and Georgian Pleasures in the Sydney Gardens, Bath.” Plenary address for the conference, Georgian Pleasures, Holburne Museum, Bath. September 11-13

“L'activisme féministe, le mémoire public, l’espace.” Guest lecture and design workshop, ARC 3321, “Espace architectural, cultures, sociétés” (undergraduate lecture course led by Prof. Thomas–Bernard Kenniff), Faculté d’aménagement, Université de Montréal, 21 March


“"Every Tree a Staunch Heart:" Activism, Landscape, and Suffrage in Edwardian England.” Keynote address for “New Growth: Dialogues on the Tree.” Art History Graduate Students’ Association Conference, York University, held at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinberg, On. 31 March

“Architects, Angels, Activists: Interdisciplinary Feminist Research as Urban Intervention.” Public lecture, Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, McGill University, 7 March

“Archives and Activism: Interdisciplinary Research Methods.” Guest lecture in ARTH 627 “Thesis Seminar” (graduate seminar led by Dr Johanne Sloan), Department of Art History, Concordia, 8 February

(Representing pouf! art architecture) “Parc Gallery: Espace public?” Table rond,  À qui profite l'espace public? Table rond, Café des Z'architectes, Maison d’architecture de Québec, Montreal, 21 February


>“Landscape, History, Gender, and Method.” Guest lecture in ARCH 627 “Research Methods”(graduate seminar led by Dr Annmarie Adams) School of Architecture, McGill University, 28 November

“The Importance of Monuments: Gender, Memory and the Suffragettes’ Wood.” Centre for History and Culture, Bath Spa University, England, 11 March

“Annie’s Arboretum: Suffrage Activism and a Memorial Landscape in Bath” Public lecture given as part of a week-long series of events commemorating the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, England, 7 March


“Research as Activism, Activism as Landscape.” Guest lecture in ARCH 627 “Research Methods” (graduate seminar led by Dr Annmarie Adams) School of Architecture, McGill University, 17 November

“Blockbuster Buildings in Vernacular Spaces.” Public presentation, Concordia Open House, 23 October

“Women Architects.” Guest lecture in ARTH 381/4-A “Feminism and Art History” 

(undergraduate course led by Dr Janice Anderson), Department of Art History, Concordia, 15 March

“The Suffragettes’ Wood: Towards a Model of Research-Creation.” Guest lecture in ARTH 627 

“Thesis Seminar” (graduate seminar led by Dr Johanne Sloan), Department of Art History, Concordia, 10 February


“Mimesis and the Modern House: Suburbia, Feminism, Architecture.” Guest lecture, ARCH 533 “Sex and the Single Building” (graduate seminar led by Dr Annmarie Adams), School of Architecture, McGill U, 3 November

“The In/Animate City: Intervals, Interstices, and Incursions in Urban Space.” Keynote address, Interdisciplinary Cartographies: Space, Architecture, and Politics, graduate conference in interdisciplinary studies, hosted by the Humanities Doctoral Program, Concordia, 20-22 March

“Modernity, Domesticity, Radicality: The Home 53 Design Competition.” Guest lecture, ARCH 533 “Sex and the Single Building” (graduate seminar led by Dr Annmarie Adams), School of Architecture, McGill U, 6 March

Guest lecture. “Women and Twentieth-Century Architecture.” ARTH 381/4-A “Feminism and Art History” (undergraduate course led by Dr Janice Anderson), Department of Art History, Concordia, 10 March


“Renegade Objects? Architecture, Interventions and the Urban Visual Field.” Guest lecture in ARTH 805E What Do We Owe the Object? (Doctoral seminar led by Dr Martha Langford) 23 October

“Heritage Architecture and Renegade Ornament: Urban Interventions in Contested Cities.” Homecoming, Concordia, 26 January


“The Creative Edge of the City.” For the panel, “Break In, Break Out, Break Up: Testing the Limits and Taking a Stand in Contemporary Cultural Practice,” Art Matters, Concordia, 9 March


“Defending the Empire: Florence Nightingale, Hospitals and the British Imperial Project.” Montreal British History Seminar, held at Concordia, 9 November

“Mixing Use in the Peel Basin.” Lecture given in the Design Department, Concordia, in conjunction with the Canadian Centre for Architecture's Annual Student Design Charrette, 27 October

“Catherine Bauer and the Space of Flows in Modern Housing.” ARCH 631 “Housing Seminar” (MA seminar led by Dr Annmarie Adams), School of Architecture, McGill University, 25 October

“Tree House as Utopia?” Canadian Centre for Architecture, in conjunction with the Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal, Quebec, 7 September

“Women, Architecture, History”, ARTH 381/4-A “Feminism and Art History (undergraduate course led by Dr Janice Anderson), Department of Art History, Concordia, 19 March


“Clutter and Closets: Modern Housing and the Unstorable”, ARCH 631 Housing Seminar (MA seminar led by Dr Annmarie Adams), School of Architecture, McGill 


“Architectural Modernism: Feminist Critiques and Design Alternatives”, ARCH 355 

Architectural History 4 (undergraduate course led by Dr Annmarie Adams), School of Architecture, McGill University


“Persuasion: Selina Hastings’ Chapel, or the Necessary Dilemmas of Feminist Scholarship.” Public lecture, Cherchez la femme, Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia, Montreal, September


“Frida Kahlo: Private and Political.” Public lecture, London Regional Art and Historical Museum, London, Ontario


“Sacrificial Ornament: The Origins of Architecture”, Introduction to Fine Arts, Dept. of Art History, Concordia

“Spring Hurlbut: Recent Work”, Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia, Montreal

Artist’s talk, Clarington Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville, Ontario, in conjunction with the exhibition, Do Not Be Afraid (with Dominic Hardy)

Workshops, panels, moderating


Moderator, panel: “Locality.” Singulier Pluriel: Collectivity, Community, Engagement, Art History Graduate Students Association, annual conference, Concordia University. 8 March

Moderator, “The Spaces of Religion and Identity,” a public conversation between Dr Tania Martin and Dr Nicola Pezolet. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art, Concordia. 5 February


Moderator, round table. Katherine Clarke of muf art architecture, School of Architecture, McGill University. 11 November

Facilitator, Open House, Concordia University: Studying Art History. 9 November

Facilitator, workshop: “The Art of Applying to Graduate School.” Organized in conjunction with the Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History (CUJAH). 23 October


Facilitator, workshop: “The Art of Writing an Exhibition Proposal.” Organized in conjunction with the Faculty of Fine Arts Reading Room, Concordia University, with special guests jake moore and Thomas D. Strickland. 16 January 


Panelist, “Heteropolis,” Adaptive Actions (moderator: Jean-François Prost), Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia, 15 October


Présidante de séance, Des couvents en héritage (colloque), Concordia and Laval University, 8-10 October


Coordinator and closing remarks for “The Architecture of Writing: Women Architects, Historical Memory, and the Legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright”, organized by the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation, and held in conjunction with the retrospective exhibition, “Frank Lloyd Wright”, Guggenheim Museum, New York (15 May-23 August 2009), 11 June


Moderator and closing remarks: “Unpacking the Toolbox: Strategies for Enlightened Architectural Arbiters.” As part of the event, “Women in Modernism: Making Places in Architecture.” Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation, held at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 25 October


Workshop: facilitator. “Feminism and Flowers: Strategies for Writing on Historical Women’s Creative Production” as part of the event, “Through Feminist Eyes: A Day in Honour of Natalie Luckyj.” Carleton U., Ottawa, 23 March

Artistic performances, interventions, group + solo exhibitions, curating


Urban interventions, public performances


Love in a Cold Climate, public project/performance, Concordia University, presented in collaboration with Michael Montanaro and Shauna Janssen of the Topological Media Lab and with the support of the 
David O'Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise at Concordia University, 13 February


Illuminations, public art project/performance, presented in conjunction with the conference, Deindustrialization and its Aftermath, Concordia,1-4 May (pouf! art architecture in collaboration with Shauna Janssen, Adeline Paradis-Hautcoeur, and Leslie Baker)


dog parc gallery (exhibition in public space), Parc Gallery, Griffintown, Montreal, as part of Occupations Urbains/Urban Occupations (exhibition series). Curator: Shauna Janssen. 27 August-16 September. On permanent display as of October 2011.


The Suffragettes’ Orchard. Community-based, site-specific artwork, Bath, England, October


fallen/winged. As part of A Woman Was Here, city-wide exhibition, Bath, England, September


pro fanus. Performance, city heritage core, Bath, September

50 portraits for Mount Royal. Performative, site-specific artwork, Montreal, August

Breathe/Animer. Performance, with Rhaya Fridman, Caroline Alexander, Jeffrey Golf, and Karen Huska. Montreal, 10 June


take back the night/fairy project #4. As part of Take Back the Night, Montreal, 25 September winged for a day. Overdale MFA Studios, Concordia, Montreal, 15 May


Mending Icarus’ Wing. Holy Trinity Church, Montreal, 20 November

Exhibitions of my work: solo


the fine line between public and private: drawings for a thicker skin, 1992-2012 / la frontière entre privé et public: dessiner afin de se couvrir, 1992-2012. Curator: Caroline Alexander, La Boîte Ludique, Montreal, Quebec, 7 September-7 October


Home. Curator: Maura Broadhurst, Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, Ontario, 17 July-15 August


Archways & Horizons. McMaster Medical Centre Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario, 2-29 July


Memory, Myth, Water & Stone. Hamilton Public Library Gallery, 3-31 August


One In The Flock. Broadway Gallery, Hamilton, 28 June-30 July

April Paintings, Memories Café, Ottawa, Ontario, June-July

Exhibitions of my work: group


Le Possible. As part of the exhibition, Participate. Curators: Mark Clintberg and Erandy Vergara-Vargas. Studio XX, Montréal, December 11-20

(as part of pouf! art architecture) Private choices, Public Spaces. Curated by ArchiteXX. Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, Parsons, New York, NY. September 18 - October 2, 2014

Parallax: Landscape in Translation. FOFA Gallery, Concordia University, Montréal, 2-28 September (with Kelly Thompson and Kathleen Vaughan)


Feminist Practices. Curator: Lori Brown, traveling exhibition, USA and Australia:
BEB Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence; U of Maryland, School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation; Virginia Tech College of Architecture Urban Studies; U of Michigan, Taubman College of Architecture Urban Planning, Ann Arbor; Temple University Architecture Department, Philadelphia; Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston; Auburn University, U College of Architecture, Design and Construction, Auburn; Louisiana State University, College of Art Design, Baton Rouge; Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, U of Melbourne, Australia


Design for the Cold. Curator: Sheila Butler, Design Exchange, Toronto, 2-25 November


Arrniliit: Breathing in the Cold. Curator: Sheila Butler, Brodie Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 23-25 January


Public Art As Social Intervention. Curators: Loren Lerner and Devora Neumark. Online exhibition archive of public art, interventions, and community-based art projects:


Do Not Be Afraid. With Dominic Hardy. Curator: Margaret Rodgers, Centre for the Visual Arts, Bowmanville, Ontario


Montréart: Human Rights Festival. Isart Gallery, Montreal, 6-30 November


Abject Objects. With Michael Tozman. La gallerie dix-quarante, Montréal


Through the Cracks: An Exhibition of Paintings and Objects. With Fiona Kinsella and Paul Lisson. Earl’s Court Gallery, Hamilton, 10-31 July

Four Tales. With Fiona Kinsella, Tor Lukasik-Foss and Laura Robinson. Espresso Café, Hamilton, 18 March-14 April


More Bountiful Woman. Curator: Renée Albrecht and others, Hamilton Public Library, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 8-30 March


Compound: Genesis. With Ron Deans, Karen Hogue, Phil Johnson, Chris Kubbinga, Graeme Mcleod, Michael Tozman, Matthew Varey, Chris Wilkins. Hamilton Artists Inc., Hamilton, 22 October-22 November


Interrupted Space and Archrhythms. With Michael Tozman and Matthew Varey. Hammer Gallery, Hamilton, 2-25 October


Locke Street Studio Show. With Andrew Little and Chris Wilkins. Locke Street Studio, Hamilton, 22-23 June

Exhibitions curated


Points de vue: Le tour Wellington et le paysage culturel de Montréal. In collaboration with Shauna Janssen and Thomas Strickland. Fonderie Darling/ Quartier Éphémère, Montréal, 24-29 September


espaces collaboratifs : social landscapes in transition. In collaboration with graduate students in the seminar, ARTH 636 (Public Urban Landscapes). Department of Art History Vitrine, Concordia University, 15 August-15 October


Suffragettes in Bath: Activism in an Edwardian Arboretum. Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminism, McGill University, 5 March-1 May.

Landscape, Gender, Activism. Department of Art History Vitrine, Concordia,
15 Feb.-15 March


Situated Knowledges: Interventions into Montreal’s Public Urban Landscapes. Exhibition related to the graduate seminar, ARTH 636 (Public Urban Landscapes). Department of Art History Vitrine, Concordia, 28 June-15 September

Co-curator with Daniel Brown, Suffragettes in Bath: Activism in an Edwardian Arboretum. The Podium/Bath Public Library, Bath, 7-14 March (in conjunction with the Centre for History and Culture, Bath Spa University)


Co-curator with Thomas Strickland, The Architecture of Childhood: images of architectural and urban space in children’s literature, 1929-2009. Department of Art History Vitrine, Concordia, 15 July-15 September


Co-curator with Nuria Carton de Grammont, Postmodern Ex Voto. Department of Art History Vitrine, Concordia, 18 May-15 June


Co-curator with Merrilee Wolsey, House/Home. Exhibition related to the course, ARTH 355 (House/Home), Department of Art History Vitrine, Concordia, 15 April-15 May


Co-curator with Annmarie Adams, Hospital Builders: Experts and Consumers, 1893-2007. Department of Art History Vitrine, Concordia, February 14-May 6


Co-curator with Katja Macleod Kessin, Flight. Group exhibition, Maison de la culture, Nôtre-Dame–de-Grace, Montreal, 28 October-5 December


Curator, Winged. Group exhibition, various locations, historic city centre, Bath, England, 15–22 June


Co-curator with Caroline Stevens and Karen Huska, AHKSSISSTTSTATOAA. VAV Gallery, Concordia, June 1998


Member of curatorial team, Bountiful Woman. Group exhibition, Tivoli Theatre, Hamilton, On., 8-28 March

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