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Lorenzo DiTommaso

Professor, Religions and Cultures

Office: S-FA 01 
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Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2073
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Availability: 2017-18 fall: Mondays, 17:00-17:45
2017-18 winter: Thursdays, 17:00-17:45
or by appointment

Academic Biography

Lorenzo DiTommaso received his PhD in Religious Studies from McMaster University in 2002. In 2001-03 he was a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University Divinity School, and in 2003-04 he was an NEH Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Saint Louis University.

In 2004 Dr. DiTommaso joined Concordia as Assistant Professor in the Department of Theology. In 2009 he was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure and accepted the University's offer to transfer to the Department of Religion. In 2013 he was granted early promotion to Professor. He served as Chair of Religion from 2011-14. He is a member of the Department's programs in Jewish Studies and Christianity, and teaches courses in both areas.

Research interests

  • Apocalypticism: Ancient, Mediaeval, and Modern  
  • Apocalypticism and Popular Culture                    
  • Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements and Groups
  • Biblical Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha: Ancient and Mediaeval
  • Manuscripts and Manuscript Studies                
  • Perceptions of Time, Space, and Social Change  

Religious Traditions

  • Judaism
  • Christianity

Departmental field areas

  • Religions and Cultures in Late Antiquity
  • Contemporary Religions and Popular Culture

Pope Prophecy (Vaticinia de summis pontificibus)
Photo credit: Kremsmünster, Stiftsbibliothek, cod. CC Cim 6, fol. 5r


Dr. DiTommaso specialises in the study of apocalypticism -- ancient, mediaeval, and modern. He has authored or edited nine books (plus four forthcoming or under contract), and written over 100 journal articles and chapters in edited volumes. He has co-organised five international conferences, including three in Canada funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

Dr. DiTommaso's research has been supported by multiple fellowships and grants, including three multi-year SSHRC research grants (2005-08, 2008-11, 2011-16) as principal investigator. In addition to his postdoctoral fellowships, he has held fellowships for manuscript research at the University of Chicago Library, the Medieval Institute Library (University of Notre Dame), the Lilly Library (University of Indiana), the Vatican Film Library, and the Herzog August Bibliothek.

The Persian Sibyl
Photo credit: Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, cod. icon. 414, fol. 1v



  • [in progress] The Post-Classical Sibylline Literature.
  • [forthcoming 2016] The Architecture of Apocalypticism (From Antiquity to Armageddon, volume 1). New York: Oxford UP.
  • [forthcoming 2016] From Enoch to Montreal and Back: New Vistas on Early Judaism and Christianity. T&T Clark/Continuum. [ed., with Gerbern S. Oegema, with the assistance of Stephanie Machabee and Calogero Miceli]
  • [forthcoming 2016] The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Texts and Traditions in Christian Transmission [with Alexander Kulik (gen. ed.), Gabriele Boccaccini, David Hamidovic, and Michael E. Stone, with the assistance of Jason Zurawski]
  • [forthcoming 2016] The New Jerusalem Text. LSTS/CQS. New York/London: T&T Clark/Continuum.
  • (2015) History, Memory, and Jewish Identity. Boston: Scholars Press. [ed., with Ira Robinson and Naftali Cohn]
  • (2011) The Old Testament Apocrypha in the Slavonic Tradition: Continuity and Diversity. TSAJ 140. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck. [ed., with Christfried Böttrich]
  • (2008) The Reception and Interpretation of the Bible in Late Antiquity: Proceedings of the Montreal Colloquium in Honour of Charles Kannengiesser, 11-13 October 2006. BAC 6. Leiden/Boston: Brill. [ed., with Lucian Turcescu]
  • (2005) The Book of Daniel and the Apocryphal Daniel Literature. SVTP 20. Leiden/Boston: Brill.
  • (2005) The Dead Sea New Jerusalem Text: Contents and Contexts. TSAJ 110. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck.
  • (2001) Bibliography of Pseudepigrapha Research, 1850-1999. LSTS 39. New York/London: T&T Clark/Continuum.

Recent Articles

  • (2014) "Apocalypticism and Popular Culture." In J.J. Collins, ed., The Oxford Handbook of Apocalyptic Literature. New York: Oxford UP: 473-509.
  • (2014) "Apocalypticism, Millennialism, and Messianism." In P.E. Szarmach, ed., Oxford Bibliographies Online: Medieval Studies. Oxford UP [online].
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  • (2014) "The Armenian Seventh Vision of Daniel and the Historical Apocalyptica of Late Antiquity." In K.B. Bardakjian and S. La Porta, eds., The Armenian Apocalyptic Tradition: A Comparative Perspective. Essays Presented in Honor of Robert W. Thompson on His Eightieth Birthday. SVTP 25. Leiden/Boston: Brill: 126-48.
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  • (2013) "Who Is the 'I' of 4 Ezra?" In M. Henze and G. Boccaccini (with J. Zurawski), eds., Fourth Ezra and Second Baruch: Reconstruction after the Fall. JSJS 164. Leiden/Boston: Brill: 119-33.

Recent reviews

  • (2014) J. Moo, Creation, Nature, and Hope in 4 Ezra (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2011), in Journal for the Study of Judaism 45: 130-32.
  • (2014) N. Brocca, Lattanzio, Agostino e la Sibylla Maga: ricerche sulla fortuna degli Oracula Sibyllina nell'Occidente latino (Roma: Herder, 2011), in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2014.10.39.
  • (2013) D.V. Arbel and A. Orlov., eds., With Letters of Light: Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Early Jewish Apocalypticism, Magic, and Mysticism in Honor of Rachel Elior (Berlin/New York; W. de Gruyter, 2011) in Journal for the Study of Judaism 44: 87-88.
  • (2013) P.Y. Paik, From Utopia to Apocalypse: Science Fiction and the Politics of Catastrophe (Minneapolis/London: U. Minnesota Press, 2010), in Comparative Literature Studies 50: 701-04.
  • (2012) J. Walliss and K.G.C. Newport, eds., The End All Around Us: Apocalyptic Texts and Popular Culture (London/Oakville, CT: Equinox, 2009), in Studies in Religion/Sciences religieuses 41: 135-37.


Upcoming Courses

  • RELI 394 Satan (Fall 2017)
  • RELI 398 Science-Fiction and the Religious Imagination (Fall 2017)
  • RELI 300 Cults (Winter 2018)
  • RELI 325 Leaders, Rebels, and Saints: Jesus (Winter 2018)

Past Graduate Seminars

  • Ancient Apocalypticism
  • Mediaeval Apocalypticism
  • Contemporary Apocalypticism
  • The Book of Daniel and the Revelation of John
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • NT Letter to the Hebrews (with André Gagné)
  • OT Pseudepigrapha and NT Apocrypha
  • Science Fiction and the Religious Imagination

Past Undergraduate Courses

  • Ancient Apocalyptic Literature
  • Apocalypticism and Popular Culture
  • Cults and New Religions in North America
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Environmentalism and the Bible
  • History of Satan
  • The Origins of Christianity
  • Science Fiction and the Religious Imagination


Recent Conference Papers

  • (2015) "Communication between Heaven and Earth in Apocalyptic Literature." Associazione biblica italiana, XIX Convegno di studi Veterotestamentari (theme: "'Mulifariam multisque modis' (Eb 1,1): necessità e via della mediazione divina nell'Israele biblico"). Naples, Italy, 7-10 September.
  • (2015) "Apocalypticism and Mysticism: The status quaestionis." Eighth Enoch Seminar (theme: "Apocalypticism and Mysticism"). Gazzada (Milan), Italy, 21-26 June.
  • (2014) Review of Andrei Orlov, Heavenly Priesthood in the Apocalypse of Abraham. Society of Biblical Literature 2014 Annual Meeting (Pseudepigrapha Unit). San Diego, USA, 21-24 November.
  • (2014) Review of Dylan Burns, Apocalypse of the Alien God. Society of Biblical Literature 2014 Annual Meeting (Wisdom and Apocalyptic Unit). San Diego, USA, 21-24 November.
  • (2014) "History, Memory, and Imperial Identity in Mediaeval Apocalypses." 20th Annual Medieval Congress (theme: "Empire"). Leeds, England, 7-10 July.
  • (2014) "Late Antique Christian Apocalypticism: Eight Questions." Society of Biblical Literature 2014 International Meeting (Apocalyptic Unit Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha Unit). Vienna, Austria, 6-10 July.
  • (2014) "'Old Testament Pseudepigrapha' as Corpus and Category." Voice of Jacob: Early Jewish Texts and Traditions in Christian Transmission. Dor, Israel, 8-12 June.

Conferences Organised

  • (2015) "Apocalypticism and Mysticism." Eighth Enoch Seminar, Gazzada (Milan), Italy, 21-26 June. [with Daniel Boyarin and Elliot Wolfson] 
  • (2014) "Voice of Jacob: Early Jewish Texts and Traditions in Christian Transmission." Dor, Israel, 8-12 June [organising committee, headed by Alexander Kulik]
  • (2014) Fifth Enoch Graduate Seminar, Montreal, Canada, 20-23 May [with Gerbern Oegema]
  • (2011) "History, Memory, and Jewish Identity." Montreal, Canada, 9-11 May [with Ira Robinson and Naftali Cohn]
  • (2006) "The Reception and Interpreration of the Bible in Late Antiquity." Montreal, Canada, 11-13 October [with Lucian Turcescu]

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