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FEB. 12: Nominate a student or colleague for one of 5 community awards
January 23, 2018
By Kenneth Gibson

2017 sustainability champions Matthew Donald Leddy and Anna Timm-Bottos | Photo by Concordia Last year's sustainability champions Matthew Donald Leddy and Anna Timm-Bottos | Photo by Concordia

Nominations for five awards that recognize community contributions among Concordians — from engaged scholars to sustainability champions to safety advocates — are open until Monday, February 12 at 5 p.m.

The winners will be announced at a special engagement awards night on Thursday, April 12.

“It’s one of the few times that everyone can come together to celebrate service to Concordia and the larger Montreal community,” says Andrew Woodall, Concordia’s dean of students.

Awards include the CCSL Outstanding Contribution Awards, given by the Concordia Council on Student Life to students, staff or faculty; and the Safety Champion Awards, which recognize people who have overcome adversity to encourage safe work practices on campus.

Nominating someone is an opportunity to celebrate those within the Concordia community who strive to go beyond their day-to-day responsibilities, says Woodall.

“We may be hired to teach or research or advise or oversee events, or we may be here to study, but we are way more than that as multi-faceted individuals,” he says.

Also open for nominations are the Sustainability Champions Awards, which highlight contributions to the social, ecological and economic well-being of the university; the Volunteer Recognition Awards; and the Engaged Scholar Awards, for those whose academic work is done in partnership with external organizations.

If your experience at Concordia has been enriched by someone this year, why not take time out of your busy schedule to let them know they’re appreciated?

Find out more about nominations for Concordia’s community awards. And submit yours by Monday, February 12!

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