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The Centre's research fellows, research associates, and advisory board members come together in transdisciplinary research and research-creation to explore how sustainability studies and initiatives can help shape the future of human communities and the ecosystems they depend upon.

Our researchers come from a wide variety of disciplines, including:

FAS Research Fellows

  • Akbulut, Bengi
    Assistant Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

    Political Economy, Development Economics, Ecological Economics, Political Ecology, Feminist Economics, State-Society Relationships, Alternative Economies, Social Movements
  • Barker, Matthew
    Associate Professor, Philosophy

    Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Psychology, Ethics of Biotechnology, Virtue Ethics and Well-being
  • Biron, Pascale
    Professor and Chair, Geography, Planning and Environment

    Hydro-geomorphology and river dynamics, River management in agricultural watersheds, Geographical Information Systems, Morphodynamic numerical modelling, Stream restoration for fish habitat.
  • Blanchet-Cohen, Natasha
    Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director for Youth Work, Applied Human Sciences

  • Diamantoudi, Effrosyni
    Professor, Economics
    Associate Dean of Recruitment and Awards, School of Graduate Studies

    Game Theory, Coalition Formation, Cartel Stability Environmental Economics, International Environmental Agreements
  • Didur, Jill
    Professor and Graduate Program Director, English

    postcolonial studies / environmental humanities / South Asian literature / media studies / globalization & diaspora
  • Fraser, Dylan
    Associate Professor, Biology

    Evolutionary applications to conservation biology; adaptation to environmental change; fisheries and wildlife management; population, conservation and quantitative genetics; molecular ecology.
  • Fritsch, Matthias
    Professor, Philosophy

    Contemporary European Philosophy (in particular Critical Theory, Deconstruction); Social and Political Philosophy; Ethics; Environmental Philosophy
  • Grant, James
    Professor, Biology

    The distribution of resources in space and time and their influences on the aggressiveness of animals
  • Dayanandan, Selvadurai
    Professor of Biology

    Evolution and maintenance of biodiversity in forest and agricultural landscapes
  • Hetherington, Kregg
    Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

    Environment and Infrastructure, Politics, Bureaucracy, Paraguay, Montreal
  • Jaeger, Jochen A. G.
    Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

    Landscape ecology, including road ecology, Quantification and assessment of landscape structure and landscape change, Urban sprawl, Ecological modelling, Impact assessment.
  • Lessard, Jean-Philippe
    Associate Professor, Biology

    Community ecology and biogeography, Macroecology, Biodiversity, Global Change, Entomology
  • Matthews, Damon
    Professor and Concordia Research Chair in Climate Science and Sustainability, Geography, Planning and Environment

    Climate change, global climate modelling, climate impacts, allowable emissions for climate mitigation targets, national contributions to climate change
  • Miller, Elizabeth L.
    Professor, Communication Studies

    New media, environment, interactive documentary, human rights, community based research, participatory documentary, feminist media, climate change, refugee youth, research-creation
  • Müller, Frank
    Professor Emeritus, Economics

  • Mulrennan, Monica E.
    Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

    Indigenous stewardship; Traditional Ecological Knowledge; subsistence harvesting; land and sea management; protected areas; connections, stories and attachments to place; adaptations to environmental and climate change
  • Neves, Katja Grotzner
    Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

    Biodiversity Conservation Governance; Politics of Socio-ecological Sustainability; Social Studies of Science; Environmental Nationalism/Transnationalism; Eco-citizenship
  • Peres-Neto, Pedro
    Professor, Biology

    aquatic ecology, fish biology, spatial ecology, community ecology, biodiversity, biostatistics, quantitative ecology
  • Poteete, Amy R.
    Associate Professor, Political Science
    Co-Director, Loyola Sustainability Research Centre (LSRC)

    Comparative Politics; Policy; Research Design.
  • Secko, David M.
    Chair and Professor, Journalism

  • Sklar, Leonard
    Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

    Earth surface processes and landscape evolution; Sediment production and transport; Water resources management; Interactions among ecological and geomorphic processes; Global change and sustainability science
  • St-Jacques, Jeannine-Marie
    Assistant Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

    North American freshwater availability, decadal-to-centennial water variability, regional hydrology and climate, impacts of global warming, water management for sustained droughts and floods, paleoclimatology, tree-rings, pollen, instrumental data, climate models.
  • Turner, Sarah E.
    Assistant Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

    Primatology, Japanese macaques and disability, Behavioural ecology, Animal behaviour and behavioural flexibility, Human-animal interactions, Animal responses to human-induced environmental change, Conservation and biodiversity
  • van Wyck, Peter C.
    Professor, Communication Studies

    environmental and ecological humanities; nuclear and atomic history and aesthetics; cultural theory; writing as method; north and nordicity; monuments, archives and memory; risk and futurity
  • Weladji, Robert
    Associate Professor, Biology
    Graduate Program Director, Biology

    Behavioural ecology of large herbivores, life history strategies and evolutionary ecology, population ecology, population dynamics, terrestrial ecosystems ecology, wildlife conservation and management, wildlife ecology, welfare of captive wildlife.
  • Zilberstein, Anya
    Associate Professor, History

  • Ziter, Carly
    Assistant Professor, Biology

    Landscape ecology; ecosystem services; biodiversity science; urban ecology; multifunctional landscapes; forest ecology; land-use legacies; sustainability

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Environmental chemistry, analytical chemistry, biogeochemistry, climate change, environmental forensics, stable isotopes, chemical oceanography.

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

Professor, Department of Geography, Planning and Environment


Sustainability, river dynamics

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