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Kimberley Manning, PhD

Associate Professor, Political Science

Office: S-MU 201-3 
MU Annex,
2170 Bishop
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2372

Kimberley Manning studies social movements, gender politics, and social policy reform.  Drawing on extensive fieldwork in rural Chinese villages and county archives, Dr. Manning has published articles on the origins of gender conflict in China's Great Leap Forward (1958-1960), and co-edited a volume, Eating Bitterness, on the grassroots politics at work in China's Great Leap Forward and Famine (1959-1961).  “Authoritarian Attachments: Party Families and the Gendered Origins of Chinese State Power,” a book manuscript in the final stages of completion, shows how elite and grassroots party family networks contributed to the early successes and catastrophic losses of the first decade of the People’s Republic of China.  Dr. Manning is also a participant on two SSHRC-funded team projects: a study of Sino-Tanzanian relations and a social action research study of gender nonconforming children in Canada.  Dr. Manning received her doctorate from the University of Washington (2003), spent 2003-2004 as a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for East Asian Studies, Stanford University, and has previously held grants from SSHRC and FQRSC.


PhD (University of Washington)

Research interests

Chinese Politics, Comparative Politics, Gender and Politics, Social Movements, and Social Policy Reform.

Teaching activities

POLI 202       Introduction to Political Science

POLI 335       Politics of China

POLI487D      State and Society in China

POLI486P      Global China

POLI 649       Gender and Global Politics

Selected publications


Eating Bitterness: New Perspectives on China’s Great Leap Forward and Famine.  Co-editor with Felix Wemheuer.  Vancouver: U.B.C. Press, 2011. 

Refereed journal articles

“Embodied Activisms: The Case of the Mu Guiying Brigade,” The China Quarterly, 204, Dec. 2010: 850-869.

“Marxist Maternalism, Memory, and the Mobilization of Women during the Great Leap Forward,” The China Review 5(1), Spring 2005: 83-110.  Revised and republished as “Communes, Canteens, and Crèches: The Gendered Politics of Remembering the Great Leap Forward,” in Ching Kwan Lee and Guobin Yang (eds.), Re-envisioning the Chinese Revolution, Woodrow Wilson Press and Stanford University Press, 2007: 93-118.

“Making a Great Leap Forward? The Politics of Women’s Liberation in Maoist China,” Gender and History 18(3), November 2006: 565-585.  Republished in Dorothy Ko and Wang Zheng (eds.), Translating Feminisms in China, Blackwell, 2007.

“The Gendered Politics of Woman-work: Re-thinking Radicalism in the Great Leap Forward,” Modern China 32(3), July 2006: 349-384.

“Engendering Peace-building,” (with Barbara Arneil), Canadian Foreign Policy 5(1), Fall 1997: 51-68.

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