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Calvin S. Kalman, PhD

Professor, Physics
Principal, Science College

My educational research involves a full-blown testing of a student-centered approach based on journal writing and in-class use of small collaborative group methods that have been developed in which we incorporate variables measuring a) the instructional context, b)student motivational, cognitive and affective behaviour, and c) meaningful learning.

A recent undergraduate student of Dr. Kalman, who had been accustomed to getting A's in all of his courses wroteDr. Kalman just after graduating that he would remember the last course he took with him in his final semester at Concordia not only for the course content, but as "a course that taught me how to think". We feel that our studies will clearly show how to help all of our students improve their critical thinking about the concepts in the material they read.

Professional experience in university affairs

Non Departmental
"Responsable" FCAR (Quebec Province) Committee for Fellowshipsin Physics
Councilor, Canadian Association of Physicists
Search Committee Chair, Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Philosophy and Science CollegeDepts
Senate Visiting Lecturer's Committee
University Teaching Team
Dean's Advisory Committee, Concordia Faculty of Arts and Science
Faculty Council, Concordia Faculty of Arts and Science
Steering Committee, Faculty Council, Concordia Faculty of Arts andScience
Senate Honours Committee
CUFA Grievance Committee
Treasurer Loyola Faculty Association
Chair Loyola Faculty of A&S Curriculum Coordinating Committee
Chair Loyola Science Curriculum Committe
Loyola Faculty of Arts and Science Dean's Task Force on Future of Scienceat Concordia
Loyola Senate Committee on Computer Science and its Special Subcommittee
Loyola Science Committee on Future of Loyola

Departmental Chair
Graduate Programme Director
Undergraduate Programme Director
Course Allocations
Contractual & Tenure
Medical Physics
Ph.D./M.Sc. Committee
Graduate Studies Committee
Curriculum Committee

Research activities

Recent work related to educational research

  1. Referee for many journals and competitions including the American Journal of Physics: Physics Educational Research Supplement,Physical ReviewSpecial Topics: Physics Education Research, Science & Education and the AREA.
  2. External Examiner, PhD Thesis on Critical Thinking, Psychology Department, University of Western Ontario.
  3. "Successful Science and Engineering Teaching:Theoretical and Learning Perspectives", Calvin S. Kalman, Springer, 2008.
  4. Why Should I use Collaborative Groups in my Course?(Invited article.) Calvin S. Kalman Physics in Canada, 65, 137-138, 2009
  5. "The Need to Emphasize Epistemology in Teaching and Research", Calvin S. Kalman, Science and Education,18, 325- 348, 2009
  6. "Students Perception of Reflective Writing as a Tool for Exploring an Introductory Textbook", Calvin S.Kalman, Mark Aulls, Shelley Rohar, and John Godley, Journal of College Science Teaching March/April 2008 37(3), 74-81.
  7. "Successful Science and Engineering Teaching in Colleges and Universities", Calvin S. Kalman,Anker Publishing, 2007.
  8. "Enhancing Conceptual Change Using Argumentative Essays", Calvin S. Kalman, Shelley Rohar and David Wells, American Journal of Physics 72, 715-717, 2004.
  9. "Can an Analysis of The Contract Between Pre-Galilean and Newtonian Theoretical Frameworks Help Students Develop a Scientific Mindset?" Calvin S. Kalman, Mark Aulls, Science & Education 12, 761-772, 2003.
  10. "Developing Critical Thinking in Undergraduate Courses: A Philosophical Approach" Calvin S. Kalman, Science & Education 11, 83-94, 2002.

Selected publications

High energy physics

  1. "Why Quarks Cannot be Fundamental Particles", C.S. Kalman, Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl) 142, 235-237 (2005)
  2. "The Kalman-Tran-D'Souza model and SL decays of heavy baryons", I. D'Souza, C.S. Kalman, P. Yu Kulikov and I.M. Narodetski, Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl.) 93, 3-8 (2001).
  3. "Low Energy Z0(R) Based on an SO(10) SUSY-GUT", C.S. Kalman pp. 263-270 in "Toward the Theory of Everything: MRST98." Edited by J. M. Cline, M. E. Knutt, G. D. Mahlon, G.D. Moore (American Institute of Physics, conference proceedings 452, Woodbury, NY (1998).
  4. "Review of Spectroscopy and Strong Decays of Heavy Flavored Baryons". C.S. Kalman Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl.), 55A, 27-32(1997).
  5. "Chargino and Neutralino pair Production at the pp collider in the Left-Right Supersymmetric Model." M. Frank, C. S. Kalman and H. Saif. Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 21, 601-614 (1995).
  6. "Slepton and squark production at ep colliders in a left-right Supersymmetric Model." C.S. Kalman. lI Nuovo Cimento. A 107, 2805-2812 (1994).
  7. "Preons: Models of Leptons, Quarks and Guage Bosons as Composite Particles." C. S. Kalman and I. D'Souza published by World Scientific Publishing Company (1992).

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