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Law and Society

Why study Law and Society?

Law affects all aspects of our lives. It structures our social, economic and political relationships, it allocates property, it defines crime and deviance, and it frames controversial ethical, moral and political debates. As the influence of legal institutions in society grows, it becomes increasingly important for students to have an informed understanding of how law works and how it affects social relations. In this minor program, students will study law in an interdisciplinary way – not as a set of rules, but as an important discourse within society (in Quebec, in Canada and globally). Students will study issues such as governance, crime, conflict and social justice from the perspectives of sociology, history, anthropology, political science and philosophy, among others.

To find out more, and to see if you qualify for admission, please email Alycia Manning.  


A Word from the Program Director

Welcome to the newly expanded and improved website for Concordia's Law and Society Minor program!  We're hoping that this will be a useful first stop for information about the program and events connected to law and society at Concordia.  

Two parts of the site are definitely worth checking out now.  

First, the 'Program Guide' tab (please see below) has an up-to-date list of which courses in the minor curriculum are being offered each year.  It also includes a few approved substitute courses to consider.  This should be a useful resource during the course selection process, to help you find the courses you need (remember: space is limited in these courses, and they tend to fill up fast).  This list will be updated yearly during the winter term, ready for course selection in March.

Second, the Jurist-in-Residence page will keep you apprised of activities organized by Concordia's Jurist-in-Residence, Judge Morton Minc.  It will be updated regularly to announce visiting speakers and other events.  

The site will continue to grow, so check back regularly.  

Eric Reiter, PhD, LLM

Program Director, Law and Society Minor
Associate Professor, Department of History

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