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Harriet Hariclia Petrakos, PhD

Associate Professor, Education

Office: S-FG 6417 
Faubourg Ste-Catherine Building,
1610 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2013

Dr. Petrakos is a school psychologist whose research interests center on the reciprocal influences of home and school on children's development. Children's social, emotional and cognitive outcomes are studied across different contexts (home, school, community). Her research on family relationships focuses on parent-child dyadic interactions (i.e., verbal and physical exchanges, initiations and responsiveness, directiveness and encouragement of autonomy). Her research on family-school collaboration examines the variability in belief systems between settings (home, school) and their effects on children's behavior and academic performance. More specifically, parent-teacher interactions, teacher-child relationships and peer socialization experiences are examined as promoting resiliency or risk for children and their families.


PhD Educational Psychology (School Psychology), McGill University, 2000
MA Education (Child Study), Concordia University, 1992
BA Psychology, Concordia University, 1986

Professional experience

Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Concordia University, 2003-present
Assistant Professor, Limited Term Appointment, Department of Education, Concordia University, 2002-2003
School Psychologist, Lester B. Pearson School Board, 1999-2003
Visiting Lecturer, Vanier College, 1993-1998

Current projects

Petrakos, H. A 2-year study of the psycho-social and contextual factors associated with children's early transitions to school, funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada grant to H. Petrakos (2005-2008)

Petrakos, H. The impact of family and school collaborative efforts on children's academic, social and behavioral functioning, funded by a Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur le Société et Culture grant to H. Petrakos (2004-2007)

Heath, H., Petrakos, H. Finn, C., & Mclean-Heywood, D. Evaluation of an innovative school service model for children with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) and comorbid EBD with learning disabilities. Funded by a Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur la Société et la Culture grant to N. Heath (2002-2005)

Rousseau, C., Petrakos, H., Ghosh, R., Lashley, M. Guzder, J., Montgomery, C., & Measham, T. Ecoles, culture et santé mental: Une articulation a repenser dans une société en transformation. Funded by a Fonds de la recherche en santé - Programme de subvention a la recherche en Santé et Société grant to C. Rousseau (2006-2009)

Petrakos, H. Parent-child interaction and connectedness during joint play. Funded by Concordia University Faculty Research and Development Program (2002-2005)

Petrakos, H. Preservice teachers' perceptions and understanding of parent involvement in education. Funded by Concordia University General Research Fund to H. Petrakos PI (2003-2005)

Serbin, L., Bukowski, W., Stack, D., Burgos, G., & Petrakos, H. La transition du primaire au secondaire: Stratégies de succès chez les populations vulnérables. Funded by Funded by a Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur la Société et la Culture grant to L. Serbin (2002-2005)

Courses taught

CHST 600 Advanced Child Development
CHST 604 Observation and Evaluation of the Young Child
CHST 608 Early Childhood Settings
Educ 295/296 Practicum I: Pre-Kindergarten Internship and Seminar
Educ 264 Communication: Child, Parent, Teacher
Educ 297 Observation and Evaluation in Education
Educ 450 Teaching the Exceptional Child in the Inclusive Classroom

Selected publications

Heath, N.L., Petrakos, H., Finn, C.A., Karagiannakis, A., McLean-Heywood, D, & Rousseau.C. (2004). Inclusion on the final frontier: A model for including children with emotional and behaviour disorders (E/BD) in Canada. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 8, 1-19.

Finn, C. A., Heath, N. L., Petrakos, H, & McLean-Heywood, D. (2003). A comparison of school service models for children with emotional and behavioral disorders. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 17, 61-68

Howe, N., Rinaldi, C., Jennings, M., & Petrakos, H. (2002). "No! The lambs can stay out because they got cozies": Constructive and destructive sibling conflict, pretend play and social understanding. Child Development, 73, 1460-1473.

Petrakos, H. (2000). The parent-child relationship: Developmental differences in parent-child interaction during early childhood. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, McGill University, Montreal (Quebec).

Benenson, J., Morash, D., & Petrakos, H. (1998). Gender differences in emotional closeness between preschool children and their mothers. Sex Roles, 38, 975-985.

Howe, N., Petrakos, H., & Rinaldi, C. (1998). "All the sheep are dead. He murdered them?: Sibling pretense, negotiation, internal state language and relationship quality. Child Development, 69, 182-191.

Petrakos, H. & Howe, N. (1996). The influence of the physical design of the dramatic play center on children's play. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 11, 63-77.

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