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Jeremy Stolow, PhD

Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Director, PhD in Communication Program, Communication Studies

Office: L-CJ 4421 
Communication Studies and Journalism Building,
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 3325
Website(s): Jeremy Stolow website
Availability: Please email me to set up an appointment.


BA, Philosophy, University of Toronto, 1989

MA, Social and Political Thought, York University, 1993

PhD, Social and Political Thought, York University, 2000

Postdoc, Social & Political Sciences, University of Cambridge, 2000-2002

Visiting Fellow, Center for Religion & Media, New York University, 2003-2004

Senior Fellow, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, 2017-2018

Areas of research

Please visit my personal website for more information about my research.


COMS 220: History of Communication and Media (Fall 2018 & Winter 2019)
COMS 800: Doctoral Integrative Seminar

Selected publications

"Mediumnic Lights, Xx-Rays,and the Spirit Who Photographed Herself". Critical Inquiry, Vol.42, no.4 (July 2016): 923-951. Details here 

“Visible/Invisible: Religion, Media and the Public Sphere,” special journal issue co-edited by Jeremy Stolow and Alexandra Boutros, Canadian Journal of Communication, Vol.40, No.1 (January 2015). Details here

"A Note on Non-OstentatiousReligious Signs", Canadian Journal ofCommunication, Vol.40, No.1(January 2015): 125-129. Available here

“Animer/Animating,” special journal issue co-edited by Jeremy Stolow and Sébastien Denis, Intermédialités: histoire et théorie des arts, des lettres et des techniques, no.22 (automne 2013). Details here.

Deus in Machina: Religion, Technology, and the Things in Between, edited book, New York: Fordham University Press, 2013. Preview the book here.

“Le synthétique sacré. Réflexions sur les aspects matériels des textes juifs orthodoxes.” Terrain, n° 59: L’objet livre, (September 2012): 120-137. Details here.

Orthodox By Design: Judaism, Print Politics, and the ArtScroll Revolution, University of California Press, 2010. Finalist for the 2010 Nahum Sarna Award of the National Jewish Book Council. Details here.

“Salvation By Electricity”. In Hent de Vries (ed). Religion: Beyond a Concept . New York: Fordham University Press, 2008. Preview the book here.

“Holy Pleather: Materializing Authority in Contemporary Orthodox Jewish Publishing”. Material Religion: The Journal of Objects, Art, and Belief, Vol.3, No.3 (autumn 2007): 314-335. Details here.

“Communicating Authority, Consuming Tradition: Jewish Orthodox Outreach Literature and its Reading Public.” In Birgit Meyer and Annelies Moors (eds). Religion, Media and the Public Sphere. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2006, pp.73-91. Preview the book here.

“Religion and/as Media”. Theory, Culture and Society, Vol.22, No.4 (August 2005), pp.119-145. Details here.

“Transnationalism and the New Religio-Politics: Reflections on a Jewish Orthodox Case”, Theory, Culture and Society, Vol. 21, No.2 (April 2004), pp.109-137. Details here.

Recent and upcoming talks (selected)

October 2015: ‘Astral Bodies: From Clairvoyant Perception to Technological Mediation’.  Theosophy and the Arts: Texts and Contexts of Modern Enchantment, Columbia University, New York.

March 2015: ‘“What is in Your Biogram?” On the Radiant Bodies of New Age Techno-science.’  Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference, Montreal.

February 2015: ‘Picturing Aura: On Visual Media, Esoteric Vision, and the Representation of Radiant Bodies’. Literature and Critical Theory Program, University of Toronto.

October 2014: “Visualizing Xx Rays: On Photography, Psychic Research, and Occult Revelation,” Society for Science, Literature and the Arts, Dallas, Texas.

May 2014: ‘Religion and Technology’ (invited plenary speaker). At: “Media and Religion: Betwixt and Between.” ICA Pre-Conference, International Communication Association. University of Washington, Seattle.

March 2014: “[MET]amorphosis: A Commentary on the Visualization of Occult Entities” (invited workshop participant). At: AIME (An Inquiry into Modes of Existence): Montreal Workshop,directed by Bruno Latour. McGill University, Montreal.

Nov 2013: I gave the closing Keynote Address to the conference, “Looking Through the Occult,” at the Humboldt U Berlin. You can listen the audio of my talk here.

August 2013: I gave a series of talks in Brazil: at the Museu Nacional (Rio de Janeiro), at UERJ (State University of Rio de Janeiro), and at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre).

January 2012: “Nervous Sympathies, Wired Nations, and Metallic Spirits.” This was one of the Plenary Addresses at the conference, “Digital Religion,” University of Colorado-Boulder. Watch the video of my presentation here

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