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Visiting students

Study here as a student from another university

Graduate-level visiting students

Graduate visiting students from other universities who have been authorized by their home universities to take graduate courses at Concordia University are subject to the regulations of Concordia University.

The student is responsible for:

  • Contacting the department in which they wish to take Graduate-level courses
  • Completing and submitting the "Authorization to Resister as a Non-Degree Student" form
  • Submitting proof of degree (diploma and transcripts)
  • Submitting proof of proficiency in English (TOEFL/IELTS)
  • Submitting proof of immigration status (if applicable)
  • Ensuring they submit the required information/documents to Birks' Student Service Centre for Code Permanent and/or Quebec Residency processing by the Government Reporting Unit.

Canadian visas for international students

All persons, other than Canadian citizens and Landed immigrants, who wish to pursue their studies in the province of Québec, must obtain a Québec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) and a Canada Study Permit. If your program of study is for six months or less and can be completed within the allowable period of your stay in Canada, you need only apply for a Temporary Resident Visa if you reside in a country that requires such a document to enter Canada, no other document is necessary. Despite the regulation, foreign nationals may still opt to apply for a CAQ and a Study Permit if they wish to get these documents.

Further information may be obtained by the Visa Departments of the Canadian Consulate and Embassy in your country

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