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Special issue: Journal of Canadian Women and the Law - Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Conference / Symposium sur Meurtres et disparitions de femmes et de filles autochotones


All of the print books on LB4 in Webster Library, including the social sciences (H-HV), political science and government (J-JZ), law (K), education (L) and fine arts (N) have moved to offsite storage, until Fall 2017.  

  • The books will be retrievable from storage, which will take 1-4 days.  
  • All renewals are now unlimited, unless the book is recalled.
  • For more information, please see the notice on the library website: Temporary move of books to offsite storage
Concordia Library's print collection includes a generous donation of nearly 1000 books from the Concordia Aboriginal Student Resource Centre and Gail Valaskakis Collection.

Primary source databases

FPST 202 (Winter 2017)

FPST 341 (Fall 2016)

FPST 303 (Fall 2016)


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