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Business Articles

Although you can locate articles directly from the Sofia Discovery tool on the main Library page, you may want to explore article databases directly for a variety of reasons. For example, certain databases offer additional search options or features while other databases may not be fully covered by the Discovery Search. Below, you will find the main business article databases. 

Name ProQuest Business Databases
Description                            Offers a variety or academic, trade, magazine and news articles. In addition, this database offers many Canadian sources.
Name Business Source Complete from EBSCO
Description Offers a variety or academic, trade, magazine and news articles.
Name Harvard Business Review
Description Follow these simple steps to access most of Harvard Business Review via Business Source Complete from EBSCO.
Name Emerald Management 120
Description Provides access to a collection of journals covering a variety of disciplines including management, marketing, accounting, library science, education and information technology.
Description Provides access to the full-text of international newspapers,  including 500 newswires, broadcast transcripts, magazines, photos, and business information sources for a total of approximately 9000 sources. The Companies/Markets search provides a snapshot of a company, including financial data, industry comparison, stock quotes, charting, and recent news. Financial data is usually limited to 2 to 3 years of financial statistics, and stock prices go back 5 years. 
Name Euré
Description Provides access to French and English language newspapers, magazines, blogs and news transcripts.

Get the most from articles

Finding sources or information for your papers involves much more than searching Google and picking from the top hits. You are expected to find (and graded on) the best, most recent and authoritative document. Usually, it means quoting and using peer-reviewed articles from scholarly sources. The videos above explain these concepts in greater details.

If you are in a hurry, just make sure you use the "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" tick-box from the search page of Business Source Complete or the "peer-reviewed" tick-box from ProQuest Business Databases. You will only get peer-reviewed or scholarly articles in your results. 

Remember to select the articles in Business Source Complete or ProQuest Business Databases. You then can send the information to your Zotero Account and create your bibiographies automatically in your word processor. Watch a video on using Zotero.

NEVER use the "full text" tick-box from Business Source Complete or ProQuest Business Databases because you will miss out on many articles we have full-text access to in other databases. Just use the "Find it @ Concordia" button when browsing results and let our system verify if we have full-text access to an article from another database. Literaly, we have thousands of databases and Business Source Complete or ProQuest Business Databases allows you to discover articles we have access to.

Ebooks and books

  • The best method to locate ebooks and books at Concordia is to use the Sofia Discovery tool available from the main library website. Then, you can simply limit to ebooks or books from the result set filters.


In addition to articles, we provide tools to locate theses:

Use encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries to understand a topic, make sure you are using the right words to describe your topic and take note of new words or expressions that appear as you are searching.

Access all online business encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries.

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