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Dr. Tariq Harb, DMA

Part-time Professor, Music
Private Study Teacher, Classical Guitar, Music

Photograph: Mais Gammoh
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After winning both the First Prize and the Audience Choice Award in the Barrios WorldWideWeb Competition, the First Prize in the Montreal International Classical Guitar Competition, and the 'Governor of Tokyo' prize in the Tokyo International Classical Guitar Competition, Tariq Harb quickly established himself as one of the leading classical guitarists of his generation. "In record time, Tariq Harb's masterful command of melody and emotion shot him into the upper ranks of classical guitarists." (TED Global) His playing demonstrates "not just his flawless technique but also his refined taste and a great, innate sense for truly beautiful interpretation." (The Jordan Times) Chosen as CBC Radio's NEXT! guitarist in 2013, he was celebrated as "Canada's next classical guitar superstar" and was showcased performing at the Glenn Gould studios in Canada, which helped further propel his career worldwide. 

Harb's past concert appearances in North America, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Asia, are highlighted by performances in prestigious halls such as the 2000 year-old Roman Amphitheatre in Jordan, the Bunka Kaikan concert hall in Tokyo, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Edinburgh's International Conference Centre for TEDGlobal in the UK, the Cairo Opera House, and Carnegie Hall in New York. Moreover, Harb performed and gave masterclasses in guitar festivals including the Sauble Beach Guitar Festival, Guitare Montréal Festival and Competition, and the Guitar Foundation of America Convention and Competition. Future notable engagements include a concert and masterclass at the ¡Guitarra! Festival in Amherst, NY and a concerto performance with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra performing the great Concierto de Aranjuez.

Tariq Harb has four solo albums in his name to date: From Bach to Barrios, A Guitar Through the Eras, Harb Plays Sor Studies and Copla. To compliment his Harb Plays Sor Studies album, Harb released a DVD comprising video performances and educational material on all the twenty Sor/Segovia studies. He also has two publications: The Unlimited Guitar; which proposes a method to adapting music for the instrument, and his own edition of Matteo Carcassi's 25 Melodic and Progressive Studies, op. 60. An educational DVD and CD recording will be released in the Spring of 2019 to compliment his Carcassi studies edition. 

A Jordanian-Canadian with Palestinian roots, Harb moved to Canada to commence university studies. At age 25, after quitting his initial career in finance and starting a performance career in music, he diligently studied the guitar with Roddy Ellias, Patrick Kearney, Jerome Ducharme, Dr. Garry Antonio and Dr. Jeffrey McFadden, and the violin with Clemens Merkel of the Bozzini Quartet and Claude Gelineau. He also participated in numerous masterclasses, including ones run by Jason Vieaux, Pavel Steidl, Rémi Boucher, and Manuel Barrueco. Harb currently holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Toronto, a Masters in Performance degree from McGill University, and Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from Concordia University. He joined Concordia University's Music Department as a faculty member in Fall 2015. Tariq Harb is sponsored by Hill Guitar Company, Savarez, and LaBella Strings.

February, 2019

At the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam
Photo credit: Otto Vowinkel
Performing on the TED stage in Edinburgh, UK
Photo credit: James Duncan Davidson
Carnegie Hall debut - March 15, 2018
Photo credit: Photograph: © 2018 Richard Termine


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