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Erin Barker, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychology

stress/coping; self/emotion regulation; well-being/mental health; transition to adulthood/parenting

Office: L-PY 119-2 
Psychology Building,
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2209
Website(s): CRDH Website
Family Well-Being Website
Availability: Dr. Barker will be accepting graduate applications for both the research and clinical training options for fall 2019.


Dr.Barker received her BA, Honours Psychology, from Nipissing University, inOntario, MA in Developmental Psychology from the University of Victoria, inBritish Columbia, and PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University ofAlberta. She completed post-doctoral fellowships at the US National Institutesof Health and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She joined the Department ofPsychology at Concordia University in 2011.


Dr. Barker directs the Lifespan Well-BeingLaboratory. Her area of expertise is stress, coping, and well-being. She hastwo lines of research. First she studies how young people cope with stressencountered during the transition from adolescence to early adulthood and howtheir stress and coping impacts their wellbeing and mental health. Secondshe  studies how parents of children withspecial needs cope with exceptional caregiving challenges and how their stressand coping impacts their physical, mental, and relational well-being.

Selected publications

1.      *Newcomb-Anjo, S., Barker, E. T., & Howard, A. L. (accepted). A person-centeredanalysis of risk factors that compromise wellbeing in emerging adulthood.Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

2.     Barker, E. T., Howard, A. L.,Galambos, N. L., & Wrosch, C. (in press). Tracking affect and academic success across university: Happy studentsbenefit from bouts of negative mood. DevelopmentalPsychology.

3.     *Newcomb-Anjo, S., Villemarie-Krajden,R., Takefman, K., & Barker,E. T. (in press). The unique associationsof university experiences with depressive symptoms in emerging adulthood.Emerging Adulthood.

4.     *Gouin, JP.,Scarcello, S., da Estrela, C., Paquin,C., & Barker, E. T. (in press). Dyadic coping, individualcoping, and systemic inflammation in the context of chronic parenting stress. Health Psychology.

5.     *Gouin, J. P., da Estrela, C., Desmarais,K., & Barker, E. T. (2016). Theimpact of formal and informal support on health in the context of caregivingstress. Family Relations, 65, 191-206.

* indicates student co-author; name underlined

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