Off-campus housing


The Concordia Student Union's Off-Campus Housing and Job Bank (HoJo) is your reliable source for apartment searches. You must prove you are an undergraduate student to have full access to the website. On HoJo you can find a variety of resources to help you with off-campus apartment hunting:

  • Legal information, handouts and referral (not advice)
  • Workshops on your rights as a tenant and worker
  • A place to conduct your job/housing search (free phone, internet, newspaper classifieds, maps)
  • Roommate conflict prevention (tips, accounting software, etc.)
  • Safety resources (apartment checklist, workshops, etc.)
  • Online Classified ads: (jobs, internships, volunteer positions, roommate profiles, books/furniture for sale)

Apartment hunting tips

  • Find out if major appliances are included, such as refrigerator and stove, or if you will have to find your own.
  • Apartment sizes come in the following: a 1½ is a large room with kitchenette and bathroom; a 2½ is larger, or has a double room or is L-shaped; a 3½ has a separate bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom; a 4½ has two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom; a 5½ usually has three bedrooms, and so on.
  • Find out whether heating is included. If not, plan for winter costs.
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