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Carly Daniel-Hughes, ThD

Associate Professor, Religions and Cultures

Chair Department of Religions and Cultures

Office: S-FA 201 
FA Annex,
2060 Mackay
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2066

Carly Daniel-Hughes earned her doctorate from Harvard University in Christian Origins. She teaches courses in the history of Christianity, biblical studies, and women, gender and sexuality in Religion. Her research has examined embodied social practices (dress, food and funerary practices) in Roman antiquity and early Christian contexts, and how these shaped and revealed attitudes about the self, body, and afterlife. Current projects include a study of evangelical anti-sex trafficking campaigns today, with a focus on evangelical women's involvement in these ministries.


The winner of two university-wide teaching awards, Dr. Daniel-Hughes is also a passionate teacher and mentor. She is a member of the Department of Religions and Cultures Women, Gender, and Sexuality Seminar.


ThD (Harvard Divinity School)
MDiv (Harvard Divinity School)
MA (Florida State University)

Research interests

Women, Gender and Sexuality in Religious Studies

Queer Theory and Cultural Studies

History of Christianity

Early Christianity

Roman Empire

Field areas

Religions and Cultures in Late Antiquity
Women, Gender, and Sexuality



Select Graduate Seminars

Reading Sex in the Bible
Early Christian Bodies
The Making of Christianity
Christian Feminist Thought

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