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Stephanie Paterson, PhD

Associate Professor, Political Science

Office: S-H 1225-33 
Henry F. Hall Building,
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2415

Dr. Stephanie Paterson specializes in feminist and critical policy studies, with an emphasis on policy discourse and transformative politics. She has written in the areas of state feminism and gender mainstreaming, reproductive politics and motherhood, and violence against women. Dr. Paterson teaches courses in policy theory, feminist and critical policy studies, and gender and public policy.

Research interests

Feminist and Critical Policy Studies; State Feminism; Family and Social Policy; Reproductive Politics.

Teaching activities

POLI 353             Principles of Public Policy
POLI 411             Gender and Public Policy
POLI 636/805      Theories of Public Policy and Public Administration
POLI 648             Feminist Critiques of Public Policy
POLI 683S           Politics of Reproduction
POLI 600             Public Policy and the Governmental Process in Canada

Selected Recent Publications

Scala, S. and S.Paterson. 2018 (forthcoming) “Making Sense of Gender Mainstreaming inCanada: Policy Work and the Construction of Gender-Based Analysis as Governing Discourse.” Politics & Gender

Smith, L. and S.Paterson. 2018 (forthcoming). “Guiding Girls: Navigating Neo-Liberal Subjectivity and Government Educational Resources for Young Women.” Girlhood Studies, 11:2. 

Scala, F. and S.Paterson. 2017 (forthcoming). “Bureaucratic Role Perceptions and Gender Policy Work in Canada.” Gender, Work and Organization. Available online.

Trussell, D., S.Paterson, S. Hebblethwaite, T.Xing, and M.Evans. 2017. “Negotiating the Complexities and Risks of an Interdisciplinary Research Team.” International Journal of Qualitative Methods 16: 1-10. Available online at:

Scala, F. and S.Paterson. 2017. “Gendering Public Policy or Rationalizing Gender? Strategic Interventions and GBA Practice in Canada.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 50(2): 427-442.

Paterson, S. and F. Scala. 2017. “Gender Mainstreaming and theDiscursive Politics of Public Service Values.” Administrative Theory & Praxis, 39(1): 1-18.

Paterson, S., P.Marier and F.Chu. 2016. “Technocracy or Transformation? Mapping Women’s Policy Agencies and Orienting Gender (In)Equality in the Canadian Provinces.” Canadian Public Administration, 59(3): 405-424. Winner of the 2016 J.E.Hodgetts Award for Best English Paper in Canadian Public Administration.

Paterson, S., D. Trussell, S. Hebblethwaite, M.Evans, and T.Xing. 2016. “Playing with Motherhood? The Politics of Leisure and the Transition to Motherhood in Montreal and Toronto.” Canadian Review of Social Policy, 74(Spring): 109-144.

Levasseur, K. and S. Paterson. 2016. “Jack (and Jill) of All Trades: Apprenticeship Training as Gender Equality Policy.” Social Policy and Administration, 50(5):520-539.

Paterson, S.and F. Scala. 2015. Making Gender Visible: Exploring Feminist Perspectives Through the Case of Anti-Smoking Policy. In the Handbook of Critical Policy Studies, F. Fischer, D. Torgerson, A.Durnova, and M. Orsini (eds.). Edward Elgar Publishing.


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