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Craig Townsend, PhD

Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

Office: S-H 1255-35 
Henry F. Hall Building,
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5191

Craig Townsend is Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment. He has a Ph.D. from Murdoch University in Western Australia, a master's degree in city planning from the University of Calgary, and an undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia. Craig's current research interests include the history, impacts, and financing of public transportation, and particularly rapid transit.

Montreal Metro ("Rapid Transit") Station

Teaching Activities

Courses Taught (Last 5 Years)

URBS 230 - Urbanization: Global and Historical Perspectives

URBS 310 - Urban Transportation

URBS 481 - Urban Planning in the Developing World

URBS 498 - Infrastructure Finance

HENV 615 - Research Group Seminar

Graduate Student Supervision

In Progress:

Dass, Noel. MSc (Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies). Politics of Road Pricing. 2018-present.

Joseph, Yogi. PhD (Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies). Urban Transport and Equity in India. (co-supervision with Govind Gopakumar). 2017-present.


Eftekhari, Yasaman. MSc (Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies). The Effects of Urban Rail Rapid Transit Station Types on Housing Prices in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. 2018.

Min, Wan. MSc (Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies). Modifiable Area Unit Problem (MAUP) Effects on Assessment of Accessibility by Public Transit. 2016.

Revington, Nick. MSc (Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies). Market Rental Housing Affordability and Accessibility to Rapid Transit in Montreal and Vancouver. 2015.

Durning, Matthew. MSc (Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies). A Direct Ridership Model for Rail Rapid Transit in Canada. 2015.

Mehreen, Rushdia. MSc (Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies). How are inner-city population densities affected by freeways? A study of eight Canadian cities. (Co-supervision with Jochen Jaeger). 2014.

Cherry, Tristan. MSc (Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies). Missing the bus: An assessment of metro-bus transfers in Bangkok, Thailand. 2012.

Yan, He. MSc (Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies). An Evaluation of Proposed Light Rail Transit Impacts on Land Use in Nanning, China. 2008.

Selected publications

More than half the world’s people (and 80% of Canadians) live in cities, and conversion to urban land is among the most irreversible and fastest growing forms of global change. This era of unprecedented urban growth has changed ecosystem structure, function, and biodiversity, and consequently the ecosystem services - or natural benefits - that our health and wellbeing depend on. Our research vision is to conduct solutions oriented science to enhance biodiversity conservation and ecosystem service provision in urban and urbanizing landscapes. 

Our recent work has used fieldwork, advanced sensor data, and synthesis approaches to ask how landscape structure, land-use history, and biodiversity interact to impact multiple ecosystem services. While research in the lab is strongly grounded in landscape and ecosystem ecology, we recognize that addressing complex ecological problems is inherently interdisciplinary. We strive to develop research partnerships both within and outside the university, and value community engagement as integral to our work.

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