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CIREQ-Concordia seminars


Time: 10:30 a.m.* (unless otherwise posted)
Location: H-1145 (unless otherwise posted)

Fall 2017
Date  Time  Location Speaker Institution Seminar Type Title Host
9/22/2017 15:30 H-1145 Valentina Corradi U Surrey CIREQ Montreal Econometrics

“Intercept Estimation in (Non)-Additive Semiparametric Selection Models”

With Wiji Arulampalam and Daniel Gutknecht

Prosper Dovonon
10/06/2017 10:30 H-1145 Shih En Lu Simon Frasier U, visiting Concordia CIREQ Micro "Monotonic Cheap Talk" Ming Li
10/13/2017 10:30

H-1145 Eftichios Sartzetakis U Macedonia CIREQ Micro

"Green consumers and the choice between emission and output taxes"

With Christos Constantatos and Christos Pargianas


Faye Diamantoudi



10/18/2017 12:00 H-1154 Liang Guo Concordia University CIREQ Lunch series


"A Dynamic Study of School Interruptions"


Jorgen Hansen
10/25/2017 12:00 H-1154 Damba Lkhagvasuren Concordia University CIREQ Lunch series

"Dynamic Comparative Advantage, Directed Sectoral Mobility and Wages"

With Stephane Auray,
David Fuller, and 
Antoine Terracol

Paul Gomme
10/27/2017 15:30 H-1145 Qingmin Liu  Columbia U CIREQ METS seminar "Stable Belief and Stable Matching" Ming Li



H-1154 Daniel Barczyk McGill U CIREQ Lunch seminar "Why do People Leave Bequests? A Quantitative Exploration"  



H-1154 Anton Kolotilin  UNSW CIREQ Micro

"When to drop a bombshell"

With Gabriele Gratton and

Richard Holden

Ming Li
11/03/2017 10:30 H-1154 Svetlana Pevnitskaya Florida State University CIREQ Micro

"An Experimental Mechanism to Investigate Polarized Demands for Public Goods : The Effects of Censoring"

With Doug Norton and Mark Isaac 

Tatyana Koreshkova
11/22/2017 12:00 H-1154 Jipeng Zhang Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China CIREQ Lunch seminar "Labor Mobility and Institutional Constraint: Estimating a Location Choice Model of Migration" Paul Gomme
11/24/2017 10:30 H-1145 Galina Grynkiv U Western Ontario CIREQ Econometrics

"Stationary Threshold Vector Autoregressive Models"


Prosper Dovonon

14:00 suite 1400 (CIRANO, 1130, rue Sherbrooke Ouest) Iourii Manovskii UPenn CIREQ-Montreal Macroeconomics seminar "Labor Market Implications of Unemployment Benefit Extensions"


Tatyana Koreshkova



12/8/2017 10:30 H-1145 Minjoon Lee Carleton U CIREQ-Montreal Macroeconomics seminar

"Forced Retirement Risk and Portfolio Choice"

With Guodong Chen and Tong Yob Nam


Tatyana Koreshkova



Spring 2018
Date  Time  Location Speaker Institution Seminar Type Title Host
04/04/2018 12:00 H-1154 Xintong Han  Concordia U CIREQ  Dynamic Technology Adoption In A Hierarchical Network: A Structural Empirical Approach Tatyana Koreshkova
04/27/2018 15:00 H-1145 Steven Williamson Western U CIREQ-Montreal Macroeconomics seminar Can the Fiscal Authority Constrain the Central Bank? Paul Gomme
05/02/2018 15:30 H-1145 Tong Wang U of Edinburgh CIREQ  Activating the Network: How to be popular in the Open-Source Community  
05/04/2018 10:30 H-1145 Rabah Amir U of Iowa CIREQ 

Dynamic pricing of green goods under discounted network effects

With F. Garcia and J. Resende

Faye Diamantoudi
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