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Recent publications

Effrosyni Diamantoudi

 1. "International Environmental Agreements –Coordinated Action under Foresight” (with Eftichios Sartzetakis). Economic Theory, August 2015, Volume 59-3, pg. 527-546

2.  “Decentalized matching: The role of commitment.” (with Eiichi Miyagawa and Licun Xue), Games and Economic Behavior, May 2015 

3. “Sharing the surplus in games with externalities within and across issues” (with David Perez Castrillo, Ines Macho Stadler and Licun Xue), Economic Theory, March 2015.

4. “Noncooperative Formation of Coalitions in Hedonic Games” (with Francis Bloch). International Journal of Game Theory, May 2011, Volume 40/2, pg. 263-280.

Prosper Dovonon

1. “Large Sample Properties of the Three-Step Euclidean Likelihood Estimators under Model Misspecification,”  Econometric Reviews, 2015, in press.

2. “Testing for Common Conditionally Heteroskedastic Factors,” with Eric Renault, (2013) Econometrica, 81, 2561-2586.

3. “Conditionally Heteroskedastic Factor Models with Skewness and Leverage Effects,” (2013), Journal of Applied Econometrics, 28, 1110-1137.

4. “Bootstrapping Realized Multivariate Volatility Measures,” with S´ılvia Gon¸calves and Nour Meddahi, (2013), Journal of Econometrics, 172, 49-65.

5. “Inference about Long Run Canonical Correlations,” with Alastair R. Hall and Kalidas Jana, (2012) Journal of Time Series Analysis, 33, 665-683.

Paul Gomme

1. "Secular Stagnation and Returns on Capital", (with B. Ravikumar and Peter Rupert), Economic Synopses, August 18, 2015. 

2. "Worker Search Effort as an Amplification Mechanism",  (with Damba Lkhagvasuren) Journal of Monetary Economics, October 2015.

3. "Measuring the Welfare Costs of Inflation in a Lifecycle Model", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, August 2015, pages 132-144. 

4. "Calibration and Simulation of DSGE Models'' (joint with Damba Lkhagvassuren), in Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Empirical Methods in Macroeconomics, Nigar Nasimzade and Michael Thornton, eds. (Edward Elgar), pp. 575-592. 

5. "Nominal Rigidities, Monetary Policy and Pigou Cycles", (with Stephane Auray and Shen Guo) Economic Journal, 123 (568), May 2013, pages 455-473. 

6. "Second-order Approximation of Dynamic Models without the Use of Tensors"(with Paul Klein) Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 35 (4), April 2011, pages 604-615. 

7. "The Return to Aggregate Capital and the Business Cycle", (with B. Ravikumar and Peter Rupert) Review of Economic Dynamics 14 (2), April 2011, pages 262-278. 

Jorgen Hansen

 1. "Dynamic Skill Accumulation, Comparative Advantages, Compulsory Schooling, and Earnings" (with Christian Belzil and Xingfei Liu), Quantitative Economics, Vol. 8, 895-927, 2017.

Ian Irvine

1. “The Simple Analytics of Tobacco Taxation with Illegal Supply” (with William Sims), Canadian Journal of Economics, 2015, 47(4), p1153-1172.

2. “Retail Tobacco Display Bans” (with Van Hai Nguyen), Forum for Health Economics and Policy, 2014, 17(2), p169-195. 

3. “Is Employment Discrimination Based on Tobacco Use Efficient?”, (with Van Hai Nguyen), Contemporary Economic Policy. On-line publication: 7 March 2014. DOI: 10.1111/coep.12044. 

4. “Toxic Choices: The Impact of Workplace and Home Smoking Bans”, (with Van Hai Nguyen), Health Forum in Economics, Berkeley Economic Press, 2011,14(2).

5. “Fiscal Reform and the Redistributional Impact of Canada’s Employment Insurance Program",  (with Ross Finnie), 1992-2002.” Canadian Public Policy, 2010, XXXVII(2).

Ming Li

1. Optimal Majority Rule in Referenda (joint with Qingqing Cheng), 2019, 10, 25, Games, 23 pages.

2. Ambiguous Persuasion (joint with Dorian Beauchêne and Jian Li), January 2019, 179, 312-365, Journal of Economic Theory.

3. "Persuasion of a Privately Informed Receiver" (joint with Anton Kolotillin, Tymofiy Mylovanov, and Andriy Zapechelnuyk), November 2017, 85(6), 1949-1964, Econometrica.

4. "Psychologically-Based Voting with Uncertainty" (with Arianna Degan), volume 40, Part B, December 2015, 242-259, European Journal of Political Economy: Special Issue on Behavioural Political Economy.

5. "Reputation-Concerned Policy Makers and Institutional Status Quo Bias" (with Qiang Fu), 2014, Journal of Public Economics, 110, 15-25.

6. "Advice from Multiple Experts: A Comparison of Simultaneous, Sequential, and Hierarchical Communication," The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics (Topics), Article 18, 2010, 10 (1).

7. "A Psychologically-Based Model of Voter Turnout", with Dipjyoti Majumdar, 2010, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 12(5), pages 979-1002.

James McIntosh

1.  "What Do Test Score Really Mean? A Latent Class Analysis of Danish Test Score Performance", (with Martin Munk), The Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, 2014, 58 435-452.

2.  "Inference Problems in the Analysis of the Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and Coronary Heart Disease". Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation,  2014, 43 2275-2282.

3.  "Alcohol and Type 2 Diabetes: Results from Canadian Cross-Sectional Data", (Published on line), Journal of Diabetes Mellitus 4, 2014, Article ID:51215.

4. "Obesity and the Demand for Canadian Physician Services", (Published on line), Health 6, 2014, Article ID:51347.

Huan Xie

1. "Hierarchy Leadership and Social Distance in Charitable Giving," with Jipeng Zhang, April 2019, Southern Economic Journal.

2. "Effect of Religious Priming in Prosocial and Destructive Behaviour," with Jipeng Zhang and Elizabeth Brown, March 2019, Pacific Economic Review

3. "Why Do People Give? Testing Pure and Impure Altruism," with Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm and Lise Vesterlund, 2017 November, American Economic Review, 107(11): 3617-33.

4. "Group Size and Cooperation among Strangers," with John Duffy, 2016 June, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 126(A), 55–74.

5.  "An Optimistic Search Equilibrium," with Dip Majumdar and Art Shneyerov, 2016 June, Review of Economic Design, 20(2), 89–114.

6.  "Bubbles and Experience: An Experiment with a Steady Inflow of Investors," with Jipeng Zhang, 2016 April, Southern Economic Journal, 82(4), 1349–1373.

7. "Bargaining with Uncertain Value Distributions," 2013, Economics Bulletin, 33(2), 1047-1066.

8. "Social Norms, Information, and Trust among Strangers: Theory and Evidence," John Duffy, Huan Xie, and Yong-Ju Lee, 2013, Economic Theory, 52(2), 669-708.

9.  "Social Norms and Trust among Strangers," Huan Xie and Yong-Ju Lee, 2012, Games and Economic Behavior, 76(2), 548-555.

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