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Graduate funding

External Sources of Funds

Canadian students should investigate SSHRC fellowships (Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council:, and Quebec students should consider applying for FRQSC fellowships (Fonds de Recherche de Québec: Société et la Culture: Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships may also be interesting to some PhD applicants (, which are open to international students. More information about graduate awards for which prospective students may apply can also be found here:

Information on awards offered to international students may also be obtained from the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE):

Internal Departmental Funds

PhD Entrance Fellowship and Other Financial Awards

The Department has a limited number of Faculty of Arts and Science Graduate Fellowships for outstanding PhD candidates, and PhD applicants will automatically be considered for these. The Fellowships are worth up to $12,000 per year, and may be held for a maximum of three years. Renewal is conditional on maintaining a superior academic record. Fellowships can be combined with additional scholarships external to Concordia University (subject to the conditions of the funding agency). It is expected that after the second year PhD students start applying for and attracting external awards, such as SSHRC and FRQSC Doctoral Fellowships. It is incumbent on recipients of Graduate Fellowships to apply for external funding as soon as is feasible. The Department also allocates several Concordia Merit Scholarships each year to entering PhD students, valued at $10,000. CIREQ funding, when available, is determined by the departmental CIREQ representative in consultation with the Graduate Program Director. Awards will be made in the Spring of each year for the following academic year. PhD students may also be involved in faculty research projects, and funding can come from these and other sources as well. 

Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence

This is a tuition remission award for international students, covering all 8 terms during which tuition is payable in the PhD program, valued at $35,414. We are able to offer several of these awards every year to excellent international PhD applicants. The award reduces the tuition fee from international to local Quebec rates. 


Assistantship Awards

All the awards described above may be combined with Research Assistantships (RAs) or Teaching Assistantships (TAs). PhD students may succeed in being employed as RAs by a professor in a funded research project, but this usually does not happen until the student is already established in the program. The level of support for those successful in getting RA positions varies, but recently these have averaged about $5,000 annually. These allocations are subject to funding availability as well as academic performance in the program.

The Department also offers Teaching Assistantships (TAs) to all PhD and to eligible MA students in full-time standing. While PhD students are fully supported by TA assignments, only a limited number of TA hours are available for the MA students. The assignment of TAs is competitive and also depends on the annual budget. The average TA contract is worth approximately $1000 for an MA student and $3000-$4000 for a PhD student per term in the Fall and Winter terms. 

Tutorial Assistantships

In addition, qualified graduate students (mostly PhDs) may also be engaged to serve as tutors in selected courses (e.g., introductory micro and macro, intermediate micro, statistics, and mathematics for advanced study in economics). These carry a similar stipend to TAs in both terms.

The Department does not provide financial assistance to Diploma students

Students are reminded that in most situations the available funds from Departmental sources are not enough to cover all expenses, and they should seek to secure additional sources of financial assistance. 

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